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“It Wasn’t About Money”: Legend Keyshawn Johnson Backs $200M Deshaun Watson’s Grit, Despite the Price of Season-Ending Surgery

Published 11/17/2023, 1:03 PM EST

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Deshaun Watson and his courage were praised by the legendary Keyshawn Johnson. The 28-year-old QB for the Cleveland Browns has been a pivotal part of the team throughout the season. The Browns stand on an exceptional record of 6-3 currently, and much of it has to be credited to Watson’s talents. But tragically, he will be going through shoulder surgery that is deemed to be career-ending.

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Watson has been known to be dealing with issues with his throwing shoulder since the very start of the Browns’ season. But fate wasn’t too kind to him when the Browns faced off against the Baltimore Ravens this past week. He suffered another injury to the shoulder and will now have to undergo career-threatening surgery. The incident sparked several debates, with fans alleging that Watson shouldn’t have continued to play if he knew he was injured. But Keyshawn Johnson comes to his defense and praises his courage, while the community seems to have turned on him.

Keyshawn Johnson backs Deshaun’s grit amid the risky surgery speculations.


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On the latest episode of the ‘Undisputed’ show, the former WR for the New York Jets, Keyshawn Johnson, talked about how Watson’s resilience to perform for his team despite the injury should be commended rather than criticized.

Johnson said, “Knowing Deshawn and knowing professional athletes, is you don’t want to leave your teammates out there hanging when you have an opportunity to conquer something when you have an opportunity to win something.” Thus, as a former sportsman himself, he understands the pressure of the responsibilities that a player holds for the team. While Watson’s injury is heartbreaking, he will always be given his flowers for performing for his team, even in the most painful of times. But Watson’s injury has also been caused by coach Stefanski’s incompetence, and the fans will never forgive him.


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Kevin Stefanski and the hand he had in Watson’s career-ending injury

Prior to the Ravens match, coach Stefanski announced that Watson had been medically cleared to play, even though he’s been facing some issues in the previous games. Skip Bayless talked about how Stefanski has been incompetent in the way he’s taken accountability, and he should be held responsible for his mistake.


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Watson has been known to play through severe injuries previously too, so the fans can’t do much except hope that the surgery doesn’t mean the end for the talented 21-year-old. The team will have to make drastic changes to the squad while their star quarterback tries to recover to the best of his health. Watson will be dearly missed while the entire NCAA community keeps him in their prayers.

“One Who Volunteered It to Media”: Fearless Skip Bayless Holds Browns’ Coach Kevin Stefanski Accountable for Deshaun Watson’s Career-Altering Shoulder Injury


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Will Watson come back to the field ever again? Or has Stefanski’s mistake cost him his entire career?
Let us know in the comments below.

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