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Michigan’s Offensive Line Hit With Double Trouble as Ladarius Henderson’s Absence, Myles Hinton’s Injury Shake Up O-Line Dynamics

Published 11/18/2023, 3:28 PM EST

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The Michigan Wolverines lost yet another soldier to an injury in the battle against the Maryland Terrapins. Both teams have been going at it since the start of the game, and while the Wolverines have been the dominant side, the Terrapins aren’t lagging far behind. With the 4th quarter currently going on, the score stands at 31-24 in favor of Michigan, but Maryland has managed to wound the team severely.

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In light of Jim Harbaugh’s sign-stealing controversies, it hasn’t been easy for the Wolverines amid the speculations. But even after the relentless scrutinizing of the team, they continue to play their best game. Yet while they continue to assert their dominance, their match with the Terrapins has caused the squad much too much trouble.

Myles Hinton suffered a severe leg injury in the match against the Maryland team


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In today’s match, Myles Hinton, the offensive lineman for the Wolverines, suffers an injury to his right lower leg. The fans of the men in white couldn’t help but feel sad for the number-78 player as he was carried off the field. Where once the Wolverines were mighty, now seem to be headed towards a downfall with yet another player down for the count.

The Michigan team is now down two offensive left tackles as their franchise player, LaDarius Henderson, has already been down with an injury. Hinton could be heard on the broadcast screaming in pain as he held his knee, which shows how immensely hurt he was. Sadly, he won’t be happy with how things played out today and hopefully will be able to be back on the field in full health again. Will the Wolverines be able to survive without both of their left tackles? Let us know in the comments below.


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What happened to LaDarius Henderson, and will he be able to continue?

Henderson is a 21-year-old football guard for the Michigan Wolverines and has been a vital part of the team throughout the season. But after his last game against Penn State, he’s been out of the playing squad due to an undisclosed injury.


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The only replacements that Michigan had for Henderson were Trente Jones and Myles Hinton. But with Myles Hinton also possibly out of the picture, it’ll be difficult for the team to maintain the offensive line dynamic in the upcoming games. Even with a shaky offensive line, the Wolverines still stand at the top of the table, and thus, the injuries shouldn’t affect them a lot.

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Will the Wolverines be able to win the championship this season? Or will their injuries prevent them from achieving their glory?
Let us know in the comments below.


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