Sherrone Moore Song: Michigan Fans Put Jim Harbaugh Setback in the Past to Turn Cheerleaders for Wolverines’ New HC

Published 02/14/2024, 3:16 PM EST

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The Michigan Wolverines have seen their fair share of drastic changes these past few weeks. With the veteran coach Jim Harbaugh leaving the team after 9 years to join the LA Chargers, Sherrone Moore was anointed as the newest HC to take charge. Now that the new coach is coming to terms with his responsibilities, the fans are also voicing their support for Moore to help him ease into the new role.

Jim Harbaugh brought in a new wave of the Wolverines last season. They went on to win all 15 of their matches and eventually, hoisted the CFP national championship. But as Harbaugh has chosen to pursue his dreams of winning a Super Bowl, Moore will have a lot of expectations on his shoulder to replicate his success. And with this song that a fan wrote for Moore, he will surely gain a little bit more confidence.

This fan wrote a song for Sherrone Moore to motivate him for the next season


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Sherrone Moore hasn’t had the easiest ride as the newest HC for the Wolverines. Since his takeover, Jesse Minter, the former DC for the Wolverines, chose to follow Harbaugh’s steps to the NFL and signed on with the Chargers. Similar to Minter, Ben Herbert also decided to call it quits on his time with Michigan. It will be tough to go about trying to win the national championship without these vital parts of the team but Moore will need to give his best shot.

In an attempt to encourage the newest HC, this fan wrote a cute song for him. An excerpt of the song says, “My Sherrone Moore, the program now is in your charge My Sherrone Moore, the obstacles you face are large My Sherrone Moore, NIL must step up that’s for sure To ensure we’ll have a bright future How I wish that you succeed, In the Stadium, and on the road at PSU You did everything, we could have hoped that you would do My Sherrone Moore, you made it hard for all to just ignore That you could absolutely mind the store How I wish that you succeed.

It further went on to wish him well for the national championship and said, “Maybe someday, you’ll win yourself a Natty too Maybe someday, the doubters will bow down to you My Sherrone Moore, now you get to coach more games than four How good you will be we will explore How I wish that you succeed”

With all that said, here’s what Sherrone Moore had to say upon his appointment as the next HC for the team.

Sherrone Moore’s words on his next adventure as Michigan’s newest head coach

The Michigan Wolverines haven’t seen anyone else try to replace Harbaugh for over nine seasons. And now that the change is here, Moore will have Harbaugh’s legacy as a sword to his neck. Though it will be difficult to imitate Harbaugh’s glory in the last season, Moore will have his own way of making sure Michigan reaches the top once again.


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In Moore’s acceptance speech, he said, “I’m just gonna be me,” Moore said. “I can’t be coach (Harbaugh). I love coach; coach loves this university. I’ve watched him coach for the last six years, but I can’t be Jim Harbaugh, so I’m going to be me. I think in this business, in any world, if you’re not yourself you’re going to lose the people around you so I’m definitely gonna be myself, be who I am, my leadership style, how I’m going to approach things.”

Additionally, Moore has been a part of the Michigan organization for a long time so the fans trust him to know the team and their talents through and through.

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Will Moore be able to lead the Wolverines to yet another Natty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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