2023 Rewind: Top 5 Moments From Deion Sanders House That Made Waves Among Fans in His First Year as Colorado Buffs HC

Published 12/29/2023, 3:07 AM EST

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A lot has happened since Coach Prime Deion Sanders arrived in Boulder as the Colorado Buffaloes HC. For most people, the obvious knowledge is that he improved the Buffs’ last 1-11 season to 4-8 in his first year. But it’s just recently that more of the 56-year-old’s personal life news is stealing fans’ craze. 

Rewinding to early November, Coach Prime raised fans’ eyebrows when he demoted Sean Lewis from his offensive play-calling duties. Following the OC change with former Browns and Giants coach Pat Shurmur replacing Lewis, Shedeur Sanders suffered a devastating game in Week 9 which allowed us a glimpse into Coach Prime’s true emotions. But that’s not the only time he became the social media buzz. 

Top 5 moments Coach Prime broke the internet


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From losing his long-term fiancee to having the apple of his eye stand up against him, here are the top 5 most recent moments of Deion Sanders breaking the internet.

  • Oregon State heartbreak

Shedeur Sanders took a beating out of the Oregon State matchup in Week 8 where they lost 26-19. Following the game, Coach Prime said, “This is hard. The reason it’s so hard is because you know you’re capable of sound better, playing better… and you’re coming up short. I don’t sense the same passion.


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Although his star QB son led a nine-play, 75-yard drive with 245 yards and a touchdown, he was sacked multiple times, with the Buffs offensive line being the major culprit. This also put Coach Prime in hot water with the demotion of Sean Lewis. Some fans slam his decision to demote the former Buffs OC with things like, “Hiring Sean Lewis was the thing that Deion Sanders did that made me look up and say, “OK, this really could work.” This is bizarre.

  • Unexpected split from long-term fiancee

Keeping football aside, fans witnessed a heartbreaking moment on December 3 when Coach Prime and Tracey Edmonds announced their mutual declaration to end their relationship. They jointly uploaded the post on Edmonds’ IG stating, “We have mutually decided that it is best for us to move forward in life AS FRIENDS and have made this decision with love in our heart, respect for each other, and appreciation for the time we’ve shared together.”

The couple had been engaged since 2019 after meeting at a movie premiere in 2012. Tracy Edmonds had been by Coach Prime’s side since day one and was the one who had been updating about Deion Sanders’ health during his time in the hospital for a blood clot surgery in his leg. The news of their split shocked the social media sending fans into a frenzy of emotions. 

  • Fatherly concern at play

Apart from his relationship, Deion Sanders and the Buffs continued to suffer offensively throughout the season. By the end of the season, his son was too beaten up to even play the final game against the Utah Utes. That was not only the first game that Shedeur Sanders missed since high school, but Coach Prime also said, “That was my first time playing without him. It wasn’t easy.”

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The Buffs HC said, “We gonna protect Shedeur… I’m not only his coach but I’m his daddy, right? You do know it hurt my heart to see my son out there getting beat down every darn game. But that’s my son. So I gotta do what I gotta do to make sure he’s straight. So I made some moves to try to assure him a better protection.” I don’t blame Coach Prime for wanting to bring in more reinforcement for Shedeur Sanders who was sacked 52 times this season. 

  • Old has gone, new has come

A hard blow was delivered on Coach Prime Deion Sanders and the Buffs when 4-star WR Aaron Butler announced his decommitment from the program. This garnered lots of fans’ attention as he entered the CFB draft summing up his decision with, “Long story short, it wasn’t the right fit for me.” But looking on the bright side, he has secured elite players including 5-star commit Jordan Seaton, guard Tyler Johnson, and center Yakiri Walker. 

Coach Prime wasn’t about to overreact to the situation and throw a bomb over a college kid’s career decisions. He once said that these kids aren’t even loyal to their girlfriends, and he sees no issue with them changing their minds about their commitment. He said, “We hope they plan on staying and some guys… You know, if they want to go, God bless them. We want the best for them. We want the best for all these young men.” 


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  • Not the No. 1 parent 

With the transfer portal buzz going down, Christmas approached and so grew Coach Prime’s interest in spending a family vacation with the boys. And Shedeur Sanders isn’t going to get on the list of Coach Prime’s No. 1 son anytime soon considering the recent Christmas vacation hullabaloo. But apparently for the 21-year-old, Coach Prime isn’t the No. 1 parent himself, at least on this vacation. 

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A recent video on Deion Sanders Jr.’s YouTube channel showed Shedeur Sanders turning down his father’s proposal for an exotic winter vacation. He bluntly replied, “I have a family. I got a mom and a little sister,” meaning that he would rather spend the vacation with his mom Pilar Sanders and sister Shelomi Sanders. 

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