“We’re Going to Move On”: Michigan AD Addresses Jim Harbaugh’s NFL Rumors Post CFP National Championship Win

Published 01/09/2024, 9:50 AM EST

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The CFP national championship title 2023/24 truly belongs to the Michigan Wolverines. They were remarkable throughout the game and have capped off a terrific season with the title win. As the dust settles on the victory and the prolonged celebrations, another poling issue takes center stage.

Michigan’s AD addressed the ongoing conundrum with Jim Harbaugh joining the NFL as he interacted with the media. Harbaugh touched another high as he guided the side to the national title, but concerns remain regarding his NFL future. Warde Manuel addressed all the rumors surrounding the NFL talks and also advised that his side will “move on” following the coach’s career trajectory.

What did Michigan’s AD have to say about Harbaugh’s NFL future?


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The Michigan Wolverines won the CFP national championship title as they beat the Huskies 34-13. It was a pretty one-sided match as the Huskies struggled to get going against a dominant Wolverines’ offense. Michigan’s AD Warde Manuel addressed the media following the victory and was asked about Harbaugh’s NFL future. Manuel sounded practical as he voiced, “And if he decides that he wants another opportunity to coach in the pros, then I’m going to be happy for him. Sad for us, we’re going to move on and find the next person to (coach).”

However, given how the Wolverines have performed under his leadership in the last eight years, Manuel spoke from the fan’s perspective. He said- “But I want him to stay at Michigan. I’ve said it. I believed it three, four years ago when people wanted me to get rid of him. I didn’t because I believed it then and I believe it now”.

There’s no bad blood between Manuel and Harbaugh it seems with the AD also highlighting that career ascension would be good for the HC. However, Harbaugh still chose to keep shut on the NFL talks as he was again asked about the same recently.

Jim Harbaugh seemingly miffed with the NFL questions


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It’s tough to be Jim Harbaugh at the moment. While the team and the lovely fans are celebrating Michigan’s victory, the reporters rubbed the HC the wrong way with the NFL rumors. When the reporters asked the national championship winner coach if he was looking for NFL offers, this is what he replied. “I just want to enjoy this, I just want to enjoy this. I hope you give me that. Can a guy have that? Does it always have to be what’s next, what’s the future?”

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This was a fair response to an even fairer question, but Harbaugh is focused on the present moment. There has been plenty of NFL chatter with Jim being named with a few NFL teams. Reportedly, the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers are the two teams that have shown interest in Harbaugh’s HC role.


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What will be the HC’s next career move- staying at Ann Arbor or moving to the NFL?

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