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Home is the first place where someone learns their values and their outlook on the kind of person they want to be. For Brock Bowers, this has been an exciting journey where his parents have constantly instilled strong values, which are depicted on the field as well. Bowers comes from a family with athleticism in his genes and his parents supporting his career.

He has been making waves as the draft approaches. Thanks to his massive achievements, he has played for the Georgia Bulldogs in college and has been regarded as one of the best tight ends in college football history. Bowers also set a record for the most touchdowns in a season with 13. He comes from a family of people who have all proved their worth on the field. His strong work ethic, dedication to his sport, and the competitive spirit to rise and be the best stem from his home. Discover how their support and guidance influenced him to become a better player, with a family blessed with athleticism.

Getting to know Brock Bowers’ family better


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Brock Bowers’s parents, Warren Bowers and DeAnna Bowers have a special connection with Utah State University as they attended the school. His mother, DeAnna Bowers, was a pitcher inducted into the Utah State Athletics Hall of Fame in 2016. While his mother played softball, his father played football for the University and was a 2-time all-time Big West center at Utah State. His parents’ relationship has served as a big example in his own life into growing from a child to a strong young man.

His parents met in college and fell in love, cementing their relationship into a marriage soon after. While both were college athletes, their son has followed in their footsteps. Born on the 13th of December 2002 in Napa, California, he is the youngest of the two children in the Bowers household. Coming from a family with a solid athletic background, his mother excelled as an All-American softball player. She was also later inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame. His father used to play center on the football team.

However, after their athletic commitments ended, his mother pursued a career as a high school math teacher. She still maintained her passion on the field as she is also a softball coach. On the other hand, his father ventured into entrepreneurship and established a successful construction company. Brock Bowers also has a sister who is actively involved in softball, like her mother. She plays at Sacramento State. During his early years, Bowers participated in various sports across the horizon, like football, basketball, and even soccer.


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Bowers’ parents have provided a humble upbringing to the talented player. They understood the insights of the game and did not let success get to his head. Warren Bowers, Brock’s father, admitted that initially, he downplayed Brock’s talent, confessing, “I downplayed that he was any good, to tell you the truth. We had no idea it would be like this because I didn’t know how good he was. It’s overwhelming.”


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After he shifted his position as a tight-end linebacker, it caught the attention of college recruiters. During a Nike camp, he garnered significant attention from the scouts, which resulted in many college offers. His parents have played an essential part in helping him decide his professional options. As the draft edges, the next city in his career remains influential. Bowers’s upbringing is a proper example of when the right ingredients are utilized to attain a chain reaction, as his family completely infused with sporting values, remain closely knit.

The competitive nature of growing up in the Bowers household

According to the Bulldogs website, Bowers said, “Our family is always super competitive. I remember we went down to Legoland when I was young, 6 or 7. They had this little firehouse game or something, and it was family vs. family. You had to pump the water, and whoever won got to stay. We were probably on it for 20 or 30 minutes, beating every family, cheering, and celebrating.

His sister Brianna Bowers graduated from Napa High School in 2018. She played softball and basketball and was a two-time All-State selection. Brianna was a part of the Sac State Hornets team from 2019 to 2021, where she made a significant impact. She was recognized as an All-Big Sky Conference outfielder in her first year in 2019.

However, Bowers excelled in football and pursued it further despite his strong interest in other sports and athletic aptitude. At Napa High School in California, Brock Bowers was actively known as a formidable football and basketball player. As a freshman, he showcased his versatility by playing quarterback for the junior varsity team. He had special skills in the running triple-option offense before rising to the occasion as one of the nation’s best tight ends.

On the other hand, his mother said, “It’s surreal. Even last year, when my husband and I were parents and watching this unfold, it took us a couple of months to process everything.” With his family constantly being on his support, the competitive nature that he has grown up with fuels his passion at the top stage. Where do you think he will get drafted next year? Let us know in the comments below.