My son’s journey is all about determination,” says Kai Bolden, father of Georgia’s standout safety KJ Bolden. Known for his impressive stats, KJ Bolden has quickly risen as one of the top safeties in college football. In his recent season, he recorded 56 tackles, four interceptions, and three forced fumbles, making a significant impact on the field.

Born and raised in Buford, Georgia, KJ grew up in a supportive family environment led by his parents, Kai Bolden and LaKiesha Wright. From as early as he could remember, KJ was always in the company of football in Buford. The strong family background has been of great influence on KJ to help him overcome the odds of competitive sports.

Background of KJ Bolden’s parents


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While there is not much information about the parents’ profession, they stand by KJ in every situation and decision. KJ’s father, Kai Bolden, has been very much involved in KJ’s training and upbringing, both in physical and psychological aspects. It is for this reason that Kai Bolden, in an interview with UGAsports, said that UGA is most certainly a place where one comes to be developed and play on Sundays.


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LaKiesha Wright, KJ’s mother, has also been a steadfast supporter. Known for her presence at games and involvement in KJ’s decisions, she has helped maintain a balanced and proper perspective for KJ. She expressed her admiration for Georgia’s coaching staff, particularly Kirby Smart, saying, “I love Georgia. I love Kirby. I love what they do at Georgia. Kirby has always been one of KJ’s biggest fans coach-wise. He’s always been there”.

Furthermore, despite facing challenges, including Kai’s incarceration for over six years, the family has remained united. Upon his release, Kai’s first visit was to Georgia, underscoring the significance of the school and its impact on their lives. “It was nice to see how much of a priority KJ is for them,” Kai remarked, reflecting on their visit.


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This solid background has not only made him ready for college football but also made him a favorite for the NFL.

Influence on career

During his high school days at Buford High School, he proved to be a very versatile and athletic player, and this saw him being ranked as the best safety in the country for the 2024 recruiting class. In his final year of high school, he played for Buford high school where he helped the team achieve an 11-2 record and get to the GHSA Class 7A quarter-finals, during this time he made 33 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 3 pass breakups. On the offense side, he was also productive, with 30 receptions for 663 yards and 14 touchdowns.


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Also, in the 2024 season, Bolden recorded 35 tackles, including 25 solo tackles and 10 assisted tackles. His skills in the game have been seen in his play-making ability, with three interceptions and five pass breakups to complement his defense. His quickness has also been evident with many critical plays that have rattled the opposing team’s offense and shifted the game in favor of Georgia.

Thus, the Georgia Bulldogs expect that as Bolden progresses and hones his abilities, his impact will likewise increase. Bolden has the potential and performances that make him stand out as a player for the NFL in the coming seasons.