$10,000 Fine Pulled Back by NFL on Green Bay Packers Star in Extremely Rare Moment

Published 01/22/2023, 12:27 AM EST

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Bells were not jingling all that much for the Green Bay Packers WR Allen Lazard on Christmas. Following the Packers 26-20 win over the Dolphins on Christmas day, Lazard was hit with a $10k fine. $10,609 fine to be precise. 

USA Today via Reuters

But the WR was relieved to hear that the fine has been rescinded by the Association upon further review.


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A season that already saw a slew of heartbreaks for the Packers, will finally see a hint of relief; for Lazard at the very least. 

Why was Lazard fined? 

On the Packers Christmas Day game vs the Dolphins, Lazard wasn’t initially penalised. Lazard lay some hard wood, knocking down 3 Dolphins players like bowling pins while setting up an 18-yard run for Green Bay’s Aaron Jones. Lazard then went out to point out and count out the 3 defenders that he had knocked over in his inspiring play. 

The play was later reviewed by the officials and league, and Lazard was assessed a fine for a first-taunting offense. The Packers and Lazard have since challenged the decision and sent it to the league for further review. Their appeal was finally answered this week, when the Association decided to overturn its decision and rescinded the $10k fine. 

How do the Green Bay Packers go about their offseason?


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This might be the first of many paychecks set to come Lazard’s way this offseason after putting up big numbers for the Packers. The decision on whether the final cut is for the Packers roster or for another team, relies entirely on Lazard this offseason. This brings us to the major dilemma facing the Packers. What do they do?

Much of Green Bay’s fate relies on factors outside their own purview. The biggest decision facing them, is obviously the Aaron Rodgers situation. The world and the Packers wait with bated breath to see what Rodgers decides to do going forward in his career. Rodgers’ ‘final call’ will be a deciding factor in choosing the fate of the Packers. 


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The uncertainty surrounding Rodgers’ future has put the organisation on standstill. Should they go all in on trading for assets to form a championship team around Aaron Rodgers? Or should they wait for Rodgers’ decision to see what the outcome is? The problem with the former path lies in its uncertainty. The Packers might trade any and all assets to try and secure a roster around Rodgers, but it still might not be enough to convince the QB to remain with the Packers, or choose not to retire. The Packers, fortunately, have a long offseason to figure these questions out. 

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