2 Months After Tom Brady Split, Independent Gisele Bündchen Spearheads the Recovery Road for Broken People

Published 01/03/2023, 12:19 PM EST

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Gisele Bündchen started her single life again after 13 years of marriage to NFL legend Tom Brady. She split with Brady on her own terms. And even at the start of her divorced life, the supermodel is creating new paths for herself. And, in turn, she is showing the way for millions of women that divorce is not the end of the world.

Bündchen married Brady back in 2009 at the height of her modeling career. And after the split, she is marching ahead with an independent identity that has nothing to do with her ex-husband.

Gisele Bündchen shows the way


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Gisele Bündchen is leading her life her way after her much-publicized divorce from Tom Brady late last year. In just two months, she has shrugged off all the baggage of her marriage and taken up many projects that are dear to her. Her way of life is evident from her bio note on Instagram. “Love is the way,” she writes with a heart emoji.

Bündchen has also proven that divorce is neither a struggle nor the end of the road for any woman. The supermodel transitioned back into single life easily and without a hassle. She never let herself in a position where anyone could say that the split was a mistake on her part. 

In the last two months, Bündchen traveled to Costa Rica and Brazil, living her life to the fullest. She is spending ample time with her kids too so that they aren’t adversely affected due to the split, taking them on vacations.


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In every way possible, Bündchen has shown that any woman can live her life without a hassle after a divorce. 

Tom Brady shining again 

On the flip side of the coin is Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB initially struggled to cope with the problems at home. As a result of that, his performance in the NFL plummeted to never before levels. But even he has found a way back and is finally comfortable in his single life.


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The 2022 season is the worst record for Brady in his entire 23-year career in the league. Never before has he lost eight games in a single regular season. But in recent weeks, he has found his form back just in time to make it to the playoffs.


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The legendary QB showed his old self with a stunning comeback win against the New Orleans Saints. Even against the Carolina Panthers, he led the Buccaneers back from a 14-point deficit to win the game and the division title.


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Both Brady and Gisele Bündchen are living their life on their terms. And that is a model to emulate for anyone watching.

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