WATCH: 6-Year Old Chase Bosnac is Super Excited After Learning That Chase Young Will be a Redskin

May 2, 2020 11:00 am

Fans support different teams for a whole host of reasons. It could be because they live in the city, or because their favorite players feature for the team. At times, it could even be because the fans share a name with the player. This is the case with a 6-year-old New Jersey resident Chase Bosnac who shares the same first name with the NFL 2020 Draft’s 2nd overall pick Chase Young. 

Chase Young draft leads 6-year old to go crazy

The video shows the 6-year-old leaping with joy as he learned that his namesake would feature for the Redskins. Decked out in Washington colors, his excitement was palpable. We even see his father, a Giants fan cheering him on. 

As per NBC Sports, the kindergartner developed an interest in the Redskins only because he heard that the Washington franchise would draft his namesake. 

The boy’s father, Brian is a Wisconsin graduate which means he has a deep connection with ‘The Badgers.’ Late last year, Ohio State’s Defensive End Chase Young logged four sacks and 2 forced fumbles while playing against ‘The Badgers.’ 

That kick-started the 6-year-old’s craze for the then 20-year-old defensive end. Much to his father’s dismay, he supported ‘The Buckeyes.’ “He jumped ship on me,” said Brian Bosnac. 

Chase Bosnac’s mother Ashley, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan said,  “He has season tickets to every game, and he has nobody to go with him. He always thought his son would go but now he’s the biggest Redskins fan.”

The young boy’s decision to back the Redskins means that he hasn’t picked a side at home and alienated the other. As of now, he has a Dwayne Haskins jersey which shows he had absolute faith in the draft. 

One wonders what might have happened if the Redskins shocked NFL fans like some other teams. Would that have broken the youngster’s dreams? Or would he have jumped ship yet again? As his father knows the boy can do it.

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