$7.5 Million Each? NFL Took a Sum From All Teams to Fund Lawsuit for the Los Angeles Rams Move From St. Louis

Published 05/31/2022, 9:25 AM EDT

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A report has come to the fore disclosing the NFL has taken a whopping $7.5 million from each one of the 32 teams in the League. They apparently did this to pay for the cost of the settlement to the city of St. Louis after the Los Angeles Rams moved from the city in 2016.

The combined sum of $232.5 million is to help cover the cost of the settlement after the Rams’ owner declined to pay the cost to the city.


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Why was this much money involved in the Los Angeles Rams move?

The St. Louis Rams’ move to Los Angeles in 2016 was an expensive affair. It involved the legal costs of a lawsuit and settlement money to be paid to the city of St. Louis. By the time the move got completed, they billed the lawsuit at a massive $790 million.

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Initially, the Rams’ owner, Stan Kroenke, had agreed to pay the entire cost of the move. However, his refusal to pay for the settlement left the whole situation in limbo.


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It has now come to light that the league has taken $7.5 million from each team to help pay for this.


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Did the other teams have to pay?

It was not required for any of the other franchises to pay any part of the costs involved in the move if the move did not involve them. Despite this, that the League took this sum from all is potentially unfair to all the franchises. This is more so since teams do not know what would be the status of their money.


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Would they get it back if Kroenke ends up clearing the bills himself? This has led to budgetary challenges in almost all the franchises. The NFL needs to work out a solution. Because the situation may cause budget issues for the teams.

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