A Brief Comparison With Absurd Luck Shows Mike McDaniel’s Mamba Mentality

Published 12/01/2022, 7:00 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Miami Dolphins are at the top of the AFC East division after 12 weeks of NFL action. It’s a great position to be in as the final stretch of the regular season starts. But it also doesn’t mean anything as everything in the league can change so quickly. And Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel knows that.

McDaniel is preparing to take on the San Francisco 49ers in week 13. And he had a perfect response, ready for a reporter asking about his team’s position on the table.

The witty Mike McDaniel 

Attributing value to the position in the division before the regular season gets over is difficult. Especially in the highly competitive environment that is the NFL. But the Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel did ascribe such value to it when a reporter asked him to ahead of the week 13 clash with the Niners. And the response really brings out his mamba mentality.


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“About as much value as,” McDaniel said before giving a long pause that added to the drama in the situation. “A lottery ticket that you don’t check the winning numbers. Is it worth something? I don’t know,” the Dolphins’ head coach continued.


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The Dolphins are at the top of the AFC East table for now, but the Buffalo Bills are right on their heels with a similar record. One slip-up and the Bills will be able to claw back to the top. That is why it makes sense for McDaniel to not think about it before the regular season is actually over. As it is said, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Fans love the perfect response 

Such a perfect response from Mike McDaniel drew a lot of appreciation from the fans in the NFL world. The fans loved the reply and the mentality of the coach. And that shows in the fan reactions.

This Bills fan wants to hate McDaniel but can’t seem to.

A fan wants to buy a McDaniel jersey if the coach had one.

This fan compared this ‘verbal chess’ to the New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick.


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For this fan, the quote is worth a hall of fame status.


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There are still a few games to play, and the situation can change in any division. The Dolphins have had a good season so far, with eight wins out of 11. Their QB Tua Tagovailoa is a prime candidate for regular season MVP. But they would like to go all the way to the Super Bowl. Can McDaniel guide them to their goal of winning their first Super Bowl title since 1974?

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