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Aaron Rodgers Dishes True Thoughts on Not Sharing HoF With Tom Brady and JJ Watt

Published 02/08/2023, 3:30 PM EST

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4x NFL MVP and the latest Pebble Beach Pro-Am champion Aaron Rodgers has a mind of his own. Yes, he is one of the few iconic veterans left in the league after a few shocking retirements over the last month or so. However, A-Rod does not want to succumb to peer pressure. Even if it means passing on an iconic Hall of Fame class.

Aaron seemed happier with his new trophy than his smaller MVP awards when he made his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show this Tuesday. He hasn’t made a call on his future in the league. However, Tom Brady or J. J. Watt retiring this year will have nothing to do with his decision to hang up his cleats.

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t care about his HoF batch


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Before bringing up any trade rumor talks, Aaron strictly specified that he was not a free agent, and still signed with the Green Bay Packers. Although he doesn’t half-mind the attention from the Raiders and Jets fans. However, his decision will not be swayed by Brady’s emotional video farewell of Watt’s on-field goodbye.


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The idea I wouldn’t want to share a stage with Tom and J. J. Watt is ridiculous. That’s already going to be an incredible Hall of Fame class. That’s not even in the thought process. Their decisions don’t impact my own decision. It doesn’t make me want to come back so I can have my own stage. That’s not how I think. I don’t think like that,” A-Rod told McAfee.


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The 2028 Hall of Fame will be nothing short of legendary. True. However, only Aaron can say what he wants to do. And he is planning just that after the Super Bowl action this Sunday.

A-Rod is going on a thinking mission

Right after Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts battle it out in a historic Super Bowl LVII, Aaron Rodgers is going into absolute contemplation mode. And the 2011 Super Bowl MVP believes that this is the only way he can arrive at the correct decision.

I got some pretty cool opportunity following that [Super Bowl], to do a little self-reflection in some isolation. And after that I feel like I’ll be a lot closer to finding a final decision,” Rodgers said. And sure enough, his eccentric ways earned him criticism from some former Lombardi winners.


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Former Kansas City Chiefs OL and Super Bowl LIV champion Mitchell Schwartz and Rodgers even had a little back-and-forth on Twitter.


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However, all said and done, it would be beneficial for 39-year-old Rodgers to stay with or pick an NFC team, considering the swarm of top-notch QBs in the AFC. But the fans and the reporters have to wait till after the Bowl to know anything conclusive.



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