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Aaron Rodgers Overtakes Legendary Brett Favre As the Best QB in Packers History

Published 12/20/2021, 4:48 PM EST

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Aaron Rodgers can simply be named in the class of the best of the best quarterbacks in the history of NFL. He believes in himself even when the rest are doubting his abilities. Rodgers brings an effective dynamic to the franchise with loads of leadership skills. He has proven his abilities time and time again, and he still manages to do so.

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Rodgers has recently proven his worth by overtaking the Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre in an amazingly breathtaking stat difference. Favre though has achieved great heights with the Packers but the numbers that have recently surfaced will blow the minds of any Green Bay fan.


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Rodgers has surpassed Brett Favre as the greatest Packers quarterback

Although Rodgers is known for his minimal turnover rates but in the long run, it has become a monumental unit of measure. Brett during his days with the Packers has scored a total of 442 touchdowns, the most from a quarterback ever until now. Since Rodgers has also recently reached the Packers milestone of 442 touchdowns but has just 93 interceptions when compared to 288 of Brett.

It just seems out of the world to explain how big of an achievement it is. To beat a quarterback as gold as Brett Favre with such a big difference is just mesmerizing in its own way. Although Rodgers has proven his abilities as magical in the past as well. His unstoppable form has yet not diminished, and he has shouldered the Green Bay Packers like a true leader.


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Aaron Rodgers on Favre

“I remember looking at the number of touchdowns that Favrey had and thinking, ‘Oh, my God, I’m not even at 100 yet,” Rodgers said. “How could I ever play long enough to be in this same category as that?’ But, obviously, I’ve been able to stay pretty healthy and have some sustained success.”


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“That’s a special one just because of the history of the franchise and how long our franchise has been around and how many great players have come through here. The opportunity to be here 17 years and the longevity records, as Favrey I remember used to talk about when he was here, to be a part of some of those is pretty cool.”


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Yet Rodgers has managed to fill in the shoes of Favrey very well. In fact, he has surpassed the achievements of the legendary Packers quarterback. It is truly a great feat for Rodgers. And with that he has inscribed his name as the greatest quarterback in the Packers history.

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