Watch: Adam Thielen’s Incredible First Touchdown

May 28, 2020 4:42 am

Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Adam Thielen was originally undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft. He was later signed on by the Vikings for three years as a free agent. But before he became the team’s undisputedly favorite receiver, Thielen had to prove his worth to be a part of special teams.

In his six seasons with the Vikings, he has 25 touchdowns and 4,315 yards with an average of 13.4. He has two Pro Bowls in his name and a Second-team All-Pro award. With his recent $64 million contract, Adam truly seems to have arrived.

Legendary Beginning

His career first touchdown was extraordinary if anything. He blocked a punt attempt from Brad Nortman of the, grabbed the ball and ran for the end zone like his life depending on it. All of this while fending two other blocks. This was perhaps one of his best touchdowns across all the seasons he has played so far.

Adam’s is one of the best success stories in the history of the League. He attended college on a football scholarship and played the same position as his favorite Vikings – Randy Moss and Cris Carter. In his early days, Thielen considered back-up career options if football didn’t work out. He even interviewed for a job in dental equipment sales. However, based on his performance since 2014, it doesn’t seem like he ever needed to look out for other jobs.

The Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Wants in on ‘The Match III’

The Charity Golf Match where Tom Brady played against former rival and quarterback, Peyton Manning was a very fun event. Everyone enjoyed watching not just how the match proceeded but also the trash talk the players engaged in. The Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver, however, seems very impressed by the show that was put on in the previous matches and certainly wants to play if a third edition of The Match takes place. He even tweeted to PGA star Rickie Fowler to be his teammate.

Thielen has been spending his self-quarantine using his golf simulator.

With Stefon Diggs moving to Buffalo Bills, Thielen is now Minnesota’s primary weapon for passing attack this season.

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