“Ain’t Nobody Bigger Than the Program”: Kicking Out Player for Simple Mistake, Coach Deion Sanders Displays How Toughness Is Cultivated

Published 06/06/2023, 12:19 PM EDT

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There are only a few coaches in the league who are as effective as Deion Sanders. The two times Super Bowl champ just takes it to a whole new level. A few days ago, the whole internet clashed with Sanders for posting a picture on Instagram that stated if a child is spanked for bad behavior, he will grow up to respect elders. He posted the photo and claimed in the captions that it works. Fans were divided after the post and called him names for his opinion. He is known for his frantic opinions and austere rules.

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Sanders isn’t only strict with the new players, he has been doing it for years. He lived by his rules then, and he still does it now. Before taking charge of the Colorado Football team, he once punished a young athlete for one simple mistake.

Deion Sanders did not even flinch


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Coach Prime has made significant changes to the Colorado football team after taking over. He did not even flinch before letting go of 80% of the players from the old roster. He is determined to nudge the team in the right direction, and he does not mind being harsh about it. A video from a while back went viral, where Sanders is seen entering the gym, and within 5 seconds, he kicks out a player for wearing white socks.

Coach Prime has students follow strict rules, even in gyms. One of the mandatory rules is to wear black socks. In the video, every player has been seen wearing black socks except the one who was kicked out. He was lifting weights before getting called out by Sanders. Sanders pointed at the guy lifting weights, and said, “Hey! hey! put it down and get out


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The video posted on Instagram had left the fans divided in the comment section. But most of them admired how strict Sanders is, and how it helps an athlete’s mindset. One of the fans came in support of Sanders, and wrote, “Ain’t Nobody Bigger Than the Program” in the comments.

Sanders always knew what was on the line

The video has gained 2.5 million views and also 145000 likes. So, it’s safe to say, people are fond of Coach Prime‘s strictness. Many rookies have come under his wings and have improved greatly. It surely was not about just a simple sock. He needs to keep his players on their toes and make them abide by the rules. Also, most of the fans appreciated Sanders’ uncompromising attitude in the posted video.

One of the fans wrote,

Sounds like he said it before. Rules are rules. Easy way to see who is buying in

Also, others wrote,

Dress Code = Discipline

Attention to detail, following instructions. Gonna build hood young men there


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While some of the fans didn’t agree with Sander,

Nah he just think he’s tuff. Kicking people out the weight room is crazy

Now this team will go undefeated cuz he kicked a kid out for wearing white socks


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To sum it up, Coach Prime has a lot on the line this season. Also, the constant challenges aren’t helping either. The college administration has put a lot of faith in Sanders for him to lead the team, and to make them better players. He has always expected firm discipline from the players and undefeated performance. And It hasn’t changed, even now. After his move to Colorado, he has already started making waves. Ticket sales have gone up, and fans have started to believe in their team again. It’s surely looking good for Sanders, and it’s certain it won’t take long for him to make another headline.

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