Amidst Injury, Lamar Jackson Shares An Iconic Phone Issue That Upsets Its Hardcore Fans

Published 12/31/2022, 6:00 AM EST

On Week 13, the Baltimore Ravens recorded a win against the Denver Broncos. While the win should have made for a happy camp, the fact that former MVP and Ravens’ starting QB Lamar Jackson suffered an injury made for some concerning evening. The 25-year-old has not yet returned to the team. But the popular figure has still managed to engage with the fans on a regular. Especially with his latest Twitter activity, highlighting a popular phone issue.


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On Friday, Lamar retweeted a post from Mike Davis. The post in question brought up a globally common pain for iPhone lovers. While Apple has discontinued the bundling of chargers or accessories with their phone since the release of the iPhone 12 series. Smartphone enthusiasts haven’t really gotten used to the new strategy by the tech giants.

Fans respond to Lamar Jackson and Mike Davis

The QB and RB duo had a lot of engagement from the fans on this particular post, as it seems to have struck a chord with almost all the fans.


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One Twitter user wrote, “C Cord no block.” Highlighting the fact that one would have to buy them separately.

This fan laid out his plan to switch his phone following the change in product bundling.

Meanwhile, many others had the same thing to say.

Here are some replies by people who tried to give an explanation for the strategy.

Although the QB is away from the turf, it seems like, with this important question, he has found a good way to pass his time.


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Things are not looking good for the Ravens

The Ravens have already clinched a spot in this year’s playoffs. However, the chances that their trip to the postseason will be without their star QB seems more and more likely. According to reports, the former MVP has missed 12 straight practice sessions following his PCL injury. The bigger worry this week came with the development that Jackson was not coming to his own treatment.

Team head coach John Harbaugh was questioned about the player’s absence from the practices. But the 60-year-old deflected the subject by saying, “I’m just coaching the guys that are out here.” 


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This is also the last contract year for Jackson, who is yet to commit to a new deal with his team. So it is more than probable that the player is prioritizing his health over any playoff games. The healthier the player, the healthier the contract offer.

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