Amidst Patrick Mahomes and Randi Mahomes Tweets, Beautiful Brittany Mahomes Goes Missing

Published 03/19/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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It’s the off-season for the Mahomes, although Patrick is already back training. ‘Tis the time when the NFL celebrities are more active on social media than on the sidelines. However, Patrick’s wife Brittany Mahomes has been missing from all the internet action.

The former professional soccer star and avid tweeter hasn’t posted or retweeted anything in more than 3 days, and that is highly unusual behavior from Brittany Lynne Mahomes. All the while Patrick Mahomes and Lynne’s mother-in-law Randi are pretty active on the platform.

Is Brittany Mahomes detoxing from Twitter?


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It’s been an epic year for the power couple. Patrick won his second Lombardi and his second Super Bowl MVP. Oh, and he also won the regular season MVP, becoming the first one to do so since Kurt Warner in 1999. Also, the couple welcomed their second child, a boy. And with two kids and a shelf of silverware, a little break from social media is understandable.


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14 days ago

Brittany’s last Twitter activity was a retweet of her husband’s speech for almost 2300 students at the T-Mobile Arena to encourage reading, as part of his “Read for 15” program. That was three days ago. The one before that was another three days back, where the quarterback’s better half celebrated their 1-year anniversary and reminisced about their intimate wedding ceremony in Hawaii a year ago. “Was in Hawaii getting married on this day last year,” she tweeted with some heart emojis.

Besides two other retweets, including one where the Kansas City Chiefs bid farewell to their veteran backup QB and 2x champion, Chad Henne, Brittany’s last written tweet date goes way back to March 1, when she celebrated her son, Bronze’s three-month birthday.

Patrick Mahomes and his mother Randi have been quite active

March Madness is on. And three-sport college athlete Patrick Mahomes is having the time of his life. In the last three days, except for the Juju Smith-Schuster farewell retweet, it’s all been college basketball and baseball tweets for the 27-year-old Mahomes.


Virginia, what are we doing,” he tweeted two days ago. Mahomes also had high praise for Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Trea Turner for his heroics in Team USA’s 9-7 victory over Venezuela to advance to the 2023 World Baseball Classics semifinal.

Let’s go Trea,” 15 tweeted, along with a retweet of his game-winning hit.

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Mother Randi has been busy praying for her community after warnings of a tornado emerged this week. Luckily, it didn’t go through a residential locality. “Believe the bad weather has passed. I pray it has,” she tweeted.


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This came after a long week for Randi. “The longest week. Feeling bad that I’m having to work on Mia’s spring break and she’s bored. But it’s almost Friday,” she wrote. Looks like Randi and Patrick are more than making up for Brittany’s absence on Twitter.



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