Analyst Hits Out Against Randy Moss for Calling Patrick Mahomes GOAT Over Tom Brady

Published 07/10/2020, 6:46 PM EDT

Patrick Mahomes is undeniably at the top of the food chain as far as quarterbacks in the NFL are concerned. The Kansas City Chiefs man bagged the NFL 2018 MVP award by equalling Peyton Manning’s record of 5,000+ passing yards and 50 TDs.

He followed that up by leading Kansas City to the Super Bowl trophy last year. They beat the 49ers thanks to Mahomes’ stunning performance in the fourth quarter. He was adjudged as Super Bowl LIV MVP.


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Mahomes’ recent exploits have earned him a bumper new contract with the Chiefs. He signed a 10-year contract extension earlier this week.

Mahomes stands to earn more than $500 million over the upcoming decade with various performance-related bonuses that come with the stupefying agreement.

His achievements in the league since 2018 have been phenomenal. This is exactly why former Patriots man Randy Moss recently said, “Mahomes could be the GOAT” of the league.

But will it be accurate to label Pat Mahomes as the ‘GOAT’ of the NFL at such an early stage in his career? A certain NFL analyst sports a rather resolute attitude with respect to this issue.

Skip Bayless takes a dig at former Patriots man, Randy Moss

Skip Bayless has taken Tom Brady’s comparison to Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes to heart, yet again. What pricked the sports analyst more was that the person to take a shot at Brady was former teammate, none other than Randy Moss itself.

While appearing on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, Bayless went on a tirade against Moss.

“I love Randy Moss and I obviously love Tom Brady. Randy Moss was the most electrifying deep threat, we’d never seen anything like Randy Moss.

“But we’d also never seen anything like the union of Randy Moss and Tom Brady in 2007. They were unstoppable. I thought it would hold a special place in Randy’s heart, to the point that he would pay a little more respect to Tom,” Bayless added.

Tom Brady and Randy Moss’ terrific 2007 NFL season with the Patriots


Tom Brady and Randy Moss had an electrifying 2007 season with the Patriots. Due to their dominance, the Patriots registered the first 16-0 regular-season record in NFL history.


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Moss registered 98 catches for 1,493 yards in 2007. This is the highest yardage total in the team’s history. However, Eli Manning killed their dreams in the Super Bowl that season with a crushing drive in the last quarter.

That disappointment aside, the Patriots’ 2007 season will go down in history as one of the most all-round displays by a franchise in the league’s glorious history.


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