USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

This year is certainly glorious for Patrick Mahomes. The quarterback has had notable developments in his life and has been an impressive spectacle during the NFL season. Ahead of the big history-making game day, the Grim Reaper is adding new accolades to his name. Mahomes is officially a two-time MVP award winner. The NFL fandom is all glee after the Magic Man bagged the prize. The 2022 NFL MVP race had tough odds with names like Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, and Super Bowl LVII competitor Jalen Hurts. But Patrick Mahomes outsmarted them in the race to capture his second MVP title. The quarterback is among an elite club alongside Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and more as a multi-time MVP inheritor.

MVPat officially rises again

The Kansas City Chiefs shared a video of athletes and celebrities congratulating MVP Patrick Mahomes. The video featured Travis Kelce, Paul Rudd, Joe Montana, Brittany Mahomes, and several athletes and members of the Chiefs. The quarterback maintained a brief but heartfelt response for everyone. He tweeted, “My dawgs!!!!! Love y’all!” https://twitter.com/PatrickMahomes/status/1623899847454789633 The Chiefs Kingdom and the NFL fans also heaped praise on the quarterback.


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A user hailed Patrick Mahomes as football’s Kobe Bryant.

Another user shared their love for Mahomes.

This user explained how Patrick Mahomes defined so many things.

This user said Mahomes deserved it well.

This user simply wrote MVPAT.

Moreover, this user congratulated the Gunslinger and added to go get that SB ring.

Another user said MVPAT was never off the page, and he reigns yet again.

Moreover, this user said Mahomes becoming MVP again felt great.

This user shared one emoji to say it all.

Another user said it just feels right in the feels.

Mahomes may have the MVP accolades, but he may not let go of the Rihanna prank by Brandon Marshall. But the Super Bowl halftime performer may have made Mahomes’ day.

Rihanna reacted to Brandon Marshall’s prank over Patrick Mahomes


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Brandon Marshall pranked Patrick Mahomes by planting himself among the reporters and saying how Rihanna hailed him as the best quarterback ever. But the Caribbean Queen was quick to make Mahomes’ day and also rip Marshall for playing the gag.


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On Thursday, Brandon Marshall approached Rihanna to tell him about what he said to Mahomes during the media scrum in Arizona. RiRi had a humble response for the Chiefs quarterback. She said via TMZ“I am so sorry you went through that [Patrick]. I still think you’re great. He’s [Brandon’s] a hater!” Patrick Mahomes finally has Rihanna’s endorsement.

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