Bengals Insider Gives Real Reason for Team’s Rough Emergency Landing on JFK Amidst Huge Uproar From Fans

Published 12/25/2022, 12:54 PM EST

USA Today via Reuters

The Cincinnati Bengals handled a late scare from the New England Patriots to win their seventh game in a row. But the team had to deal with another scare while returning home from Foxborough. They had an emergency landing of their plane at JFK Airport in New York. The incident caused a huge uproar among NFL fans across the board. A Bengals insider has given the real reason for the emergency landing. So, what exactly happened to the flight?

The Cincinnati Bengals avoid a major disaster 

After their win against the Patriots, the Cincinnati Bengals took a flight home. But it had to land at New York’s JFK Airport due to technical problems. According to Bengals Insider Mark Slaughter, the reason behind the emergency landing was a failure in the airplane’s engine. “A little rough but it was okay! Landed safely,” a person onboard the flight said.


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Joe Burrow and Co. took a Delta flight from Rhode Island but landed in Queens just over an hour later. The team returned to Cincinnati by midnight between Saturday and Sunday. Thus, a major mishap was averted on the day of Christmas eve. But the NFL world is certainly not happy with the incident.

Furor in the NFL world 

The Cincinnati Bengals flight emergency landing caused a huge furor in the NFL world. Some fans blamed the NFL for the incident while others took potshots at the flight operator Delta.


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This fan blames the NFL for the team flight on a day 3,500 fight got canceled for safety reasons.

According to this fan, Delta should put half its fleet in the desert.

This fan wants the league to give MVP awards to the flight crew for keeping the Bengals team safe.

Another fan seemed mad at the airline and asked them to fix their fleet.


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Before the flight scare, the Bengals registered their 11th victory of the current campaign. They defeated the Patriots 24-18 after seeing off a second-half rally from the hosts. This is the seventh straight victory for the reigning AFC champions. The team last lost in a week nine matchup with the Cleveland Browns.

The Bengals have clinched a playoff berth after the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the New York Jets. But they are yet to clinch the AFC North division. The 11-4 Bengals have a one-game advantage over their nearest divisional rivals, the 10-5 Baltimore Ravens.


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The team reached home safely and after the Christmas day off, they will start preparing to host the Buffalo Bills.

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