Bigger Reasons Suspected to Be Playing a Role in Lamar Jackson’s Contract Standoff Against Baltimore Ravens

Published 03/09/2023, 12:58 PM EST

USA Today via Reuters

Lamar Jackson’s contract standoff with the Baltimore Ravens has kept the NFL world in splits for a while now. On Tuesday, the Ravens finally cleared the air for many by using the non-exclusive franchise tag on Lamar Jackson. This meant that other teams could negotiate a deal with Jackson, while the Ravens could match the deal or decline it. The non-exclusive franchise tagging should have had other teams scrambling to look at the prospects of having Jackson on their team. But the interest has not been what was predicted for the quarterback.

While unsuccessful negotiations might be a factor, there have been speculations of bigger reasons to be playing its part in the standoff.

Bigger reasons at play in Lamar Jackson contract standoff


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According to the 97.1 FM  The Ticket, teams should have been pouring in to hold talks with Jackson after the Ravens’ non-exclusive franchise tagged him. But this was not the case, as teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, and Carolina Panthers decided to be out of the run for Jackson. The 26-year-old QB is not being sought out even by teams that require a quarterback for their roster.

This aroused suspicion in the minds and journalists of the NFL world as to what could the possible reason for this lack of interest be. Lamar Jackson is considered to be one of the best QB in the game. So why are teams not eagerly approaching him after being given the opportunity by the Ravens?


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All reasons point in one direction. Collusion. Since the negotiations between the Ravens and Jackson for a fully guaranteed contract next season led to no development, this led to a hindrance being created. And after Deshaun Watson was able to get himself a fully guaranteed contract last season, this has made negotiations tougher for other teams.

An uncertain road ahead for Jackson

Lamar Jackson’s injury-ridden season seems to be taking its toll on his future. After being sidelined because of a Grade 2 ankle sprain, it has become difficult for him to procure the interests of teams in him.


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While other teams move ahead with their preparations for the new season, the Ravens and Lamar Jackson will still have to wait on possible offers. If there are none made, then they will have to focus on their preseason preparations. A shade of uncertainty still looms above the QB, and fans will be interested in how the future takes its place for Jackson.

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