“Birth Control Is No Longer Necessary”: NFL World Winces in Pain After Nebraska WR Suffers Painful Hit to a Very Sensitive Region

Published 11/13/2022, 6:11 PM EST

This week witnessed one of the wildest games of college football in recent history between the Michigan Wolverines and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The highlight of the evening was a nasty hurdle going wrong that nearly lifted everyone watching the game, and fans could sense the pain arising from that brutal hit.

The Wolverines slayed the Cornhuskers 34-3 with a great margin, improving their perfect record to 10-0. The undisputed leaders caught in a moment where the Michigan defensive back, Mike Sainristil, tackled in a manner that supported the narratives asking to ban hurdles in college football. Because the impact could affect the athlete’s entire football career, especially when they are young.


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The Nebraska wide receiver, Alante Brown, decided to enact a similar move, trying to leap above Sainristil. In the process, he got hit in the most sensitive part of his body with a helmet and landed on his head from at least 5 feet above the ground.

Adding more intensity to his fall, DJ Turner followed an additional hit, making it look more awkward. Everyone who watched the moment might have spit ‘Ouch’ at least once because that’s how brutal it looked.

Brown could only pick up the ball for 13 yards in that play and later didn’t get involved much in the game despite standing up instantly after that classic failure. Moreover, his outrageous effort couldn’t bear fruit.

By the end of the final whistle, the Cornhuskers could only post three against the dominant Wolverines. “Today was a day we chose to go more on the ground. George Patton would be proud,” Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh said after the game.


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“Just going, 1-0, that’s what we’re trying to do each week. I am really proud. I’m really proud of the team. I mean, the players are the ones that deserve the most credit. I mean, they work so darn hard and they’re such a real tight-knit group that it’s fun, it’s a joyful, happy ride that we’re on.” Harbaugh explained the team’s mentality after a 10-0 record.

NFL world reacts to Nebraska vs. Michigan game

The unexpected hit in the middle of the field carrying 13 yards was the most entertaining moment of the game. Even fans were worried about the play and equally sarcastic.

However, some of the fans made crazy remarks in this context.

Meanwhile, few of them appreciated the WR.


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The Wolverines will face Illinois in the upcoming week, and the side will look to maintain their winning streak. Hopefully, things are stable for Brown, as there have been no issues related to his health following the hit.

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