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Breakout NFL QB Arrested After Week 18 on DUI Charges

Published 01/11/2022, 6:50 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

On Monday morning, Washington State Patrol arrested Seattle Seahawks backup QB Geno Smith on charges of suspicion of DUI. Although he was released from the correctional facility after he was recognized and bail was posted. Despite not being a part of the team, Geno was out celebrating the win, after which he got arrested.

Why was Geno Smith arrested?


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Geno Smith had an up-and-down season so far. He replaced Russell Wilson after the Seahawks QB1 split his finger in a collision with Rams’ Aaron Donald. He played three games with the Seahawks as QB1, but lost two fixtures. Despite the results, Smith showed promise and maybe stood a chance of completing the season as QB1.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll commented on the situation involving his backup QB. He said, “I checked in with him. We have to let his people handle all that. He was in the [team] meeting today with us. I don’t have anything other than that to give to you on that.” Smith’s attorney also commented saying, “Geno is fully cooperative with the investigation. I hope that an open mind can be kept by all as the facts are ascertained.”


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Smith himself took to Twitter in an attempt to douse the flames before it set fire to his career. He wrote, “Being arrested brings a taint onto the reputation that is impossible to undo, no matter what really happened. I’m asking all of you to hold back on judging me the same as you would do for a friend or family member. I’ll have more to say down the road & ask that you bare with me.”


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It is unclear whether Smith would be a part of the Seahawks organisation next season, especially since their playoff hopes ended a month ago. However, we know for sure that the current situation he’s involved in would keep him off the field for a while.


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