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The roar of the crowd may accompany them on the field, but life off the gridiron can be just as thrilling. With NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes leading the way, his wife Brittany has also become a prominent figure on social media. She is always sharing glimpses of their lives, making fans eager to see what happens behind the curtain. 

But recently, an unexpected and mysterious guest arrived at their massive Missouri mansion. Could this enigmatic visitor have come to meet the beloved Super Bowl winner, Patrick Mahomes? 

Brittany Mahomes’ Unexpected Encounter With Nature


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As the new season approaches, the Kansas City Chiefs are leaving no room for mistakes, going all out with rigorous practice sessions. Leading the charge is none other than the 2x Super Bowl Winner, Patrick Mahomes. He has transformed his new mansion in Missouri, into the ultimate training ground. From a yard that stretches half a football field, featuring Mahomes’ personal logo, to a par 3 golf course, and even a massive swimming pool, this mansion is an athlete’s dream. 

As the star QB and his teammates dedicate themselves to rigorous training, they have encountered unexpected visitors at their mansion. Among these uninvited guests are snakes, adding an element of surprise to their already eventful lives. 

Recently, Brittany Mahomes shared a scary moment with her followers on Instagram as she uploaded an image of a green snake visiting their home. In a humorous caption, she jokingly asked if she should place the snake inside Patrick Mahomes’ $140 shoes.

“So Should I put it in Patrick shoes for him to find”, she wrote.


Brittany is known for sharing daily updates about her family on social media, especially her two adorable children, Sterling and Bronze. Her Instagram stories create a connection with fans who eagerly follow the Mahomes family’s journey. 

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The presence of unexpected guests like snakes seems to be a recurring theme in the Mahomes household.

Brittany and PatrickThe Epitome of a Perfect Partnership

Not so long ago, Brittany shared another terrifying video on her Instagram story. The footage captured a long, black snake slithering on the property of their home. The sight of the snake must have terrified her, but fortunately, her children weren’t with her at the time. Seeing such a creature can be frightening for anyone. It highlights the importance of being cautious and alert even in familiar places. 

In the world of sports, it’s not just the on-the-field talent that matters but also the support system off the field. And for our favorite QB Patrick Mahomes, that support system is his wife, Brittany. She has proven to be an invaluable pillar of strength for Mahomes, especially during his time away from home due to his busy sports schedule. While Patrick is focused on delivering his best on the field, Brittany takes charge of the house and ensures everything runs smoothly in his absence.


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From dealing with the unexpected occurrence of snakes on their property to other potential threats to her family’s safety, she faces challenges head-on with remarkable courage and composure. Despite her duties, the former soccer player continues to exemplify her passion for sports as a co-founder of KC Current.

Her excitement at having Patrick join her as a co-owner of the Women’s Soccer League team showcases their shared vision to make a difference in the sports world. Their commitment as a power couple leaves a lasting impact on the game they love.


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While Patrick Mahomes is out on the field, giving his all to secure victories for the Chiefs, he can trust that his wife is holding the fort back home. Her ability to balance family life with her involvement in sports demonstrates her versatility. The snake might have scared her, but the woman still remains fearless about what life throws at her!

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