“Bury The Old Cam Newton” – Former NFL Player’s Advice To New England Patriots Quarterback

July 14, 2020 4:00 am

The New England Patriots took a gamble by signing Cam Newton earlier this year. The legendary Bill Belichick is one of the smartest coaches the league has ever seen. Surely, he must’ve weighed the pros and cons before signing the former Carolina Panthers man.

The 2015 NFL MVP award winner has been struggling with injuries since 2018. That is exactly why the Panthers opted to let him leave and bring in Teddy Bridgewater instead. Cam seems determined to prove his doubters wrong this year.

Can he do that with Bill Belichick and the Patriots, is the ‘million dollar’ question?

Former NFL player Nate Burleson offers Newton some words of wisdom

In a recent interview on Good Morning Football, former NFL star-turned-commentator Nate Burleson had some positive words for under-pressure Cam Newton.

“I love it, I love it. I said some time ago that this is going to be a different Cam because he’s been through the ups and downs of the NFL and I’m talking about from an emotional perspective.

“When Cam first got in the league, he was like a kid during his first audition. He wanted to ‘wow’ everybody. He was smiling, he was dancing, he was doing everything he could to make everybody happy.

“Not only his team but every time he scored, he took a football and gave it to a kid. Cam was that guy.

“And then all of a sudden, he started being doubted and people started questioning whether he can still ‘do it’. All of a sudden you realize that the worlds gonna love you but as soon as it turned, they’re gonna hate you even quicker.

“And now Cam has seen himself become a little bit of the ‘bad guy’,” Burleson said.

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Bury the old Cam Newton, suggests former Seattle Seahawks man

Nate further spoke about how Cam needs to embrace this new ‘bad boy’ image that he’s made for himself and use it as his strength.

“When you realize that you can be the bad guy and still kick b*** in the NFL, it’s empowering. He’s (Cam Newton) played long enough to where people are writing him off and that’s great.

“Because, the Patriots, they thrive in taking that type of pain, applying it on the football field and then showing everybody else that you can still do it. A prime example of that is Randy Moss.

“For me, I do feel like Cam Newton is in a space right now that he should stay in. Don’t become old Cam, where you’re trying to impress everybody. Forget that dude, bury that dude.

“Right now, live in this space. Because this type of motivation will take you places you’ve never been – and that place is possibly a Super Bowl champion. If you do that Cam, everybody is going to shut up,” Burleson concluded.

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