Cam Newton Blatantly Refused to Hit on Colin Kaepernick’s Ex-flame Leaving Her Puzzled and Then Giving a Classy Reason Why

Published 08/01/2022, 2:54 PM EDT

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Cam Newton, throughout his career, has been well known for his witty personality. He is quite a funny person, and that has been demonstrated quite often on as well as off the field.

Earlier this year, Newton had an interview with Brittany Renner. She is the ex-girlfriend of another NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. During that interview, Newton directly said to Renner that he would never slide into her DMs.


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The former Carolina Panthers quarterback had a great reason for saying that. Newton said, “I’m Cam Newton, right?, And I ain’t gonna lie. I’m not about to hit no DMs with no Brittany talking about ‘hey yo, what’s good? What’s popping? You in Atlanta? I see you in Atlanta. Boom. Slide through.’”

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Renner asked Newton, “Why not?” Cam Newton replied and said, “Because I don’t want to end up in your book.” Brittany Renner has dated numerous famous people. She has written a book named, ‘Judge This Cover.’ In that book, Renner has talked about her sexual experiences. As a result, the former MVP didn’t want any part of that.

Renner once stood against the comments by the girlfriend of Cam Newton


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The alleged girlfriend of Cam Newton, Jasmin Brown, once talked about how she likes being submissive in relationships. Brown likes to take care of her male counterpart, and she has no issues with what other people think about her. Even if she is the one who is making more effort, she had no issues.

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In contrast to Jasmin’s statement, Brittany Renner had a very different ideology. She didn’t believe in what Jasmin Brown had to say. In her view, Brittany said,King treatment, and knowing your partner’s love languages- that’s one thing, Being submissive is a whole other thing. It’s its own thing. So if you find yourself abandoning your wants, needs, desires to make something work, I’m here to tell you, it was never a match to begin with.”


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Every person is entitled to his or her own views. Although, the two divas didn’t agree on the same thing. Regardless, Newton would be happy to have a woman who is willing to be submissive in order for the relationship to work.

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