Ciara Makes Husband Russell Wilson Smile Again With a Special Dance (VIDEO) While His Denver Broncos Teammates Almost Break His Heart

Published 12/01/2022, 4:00 PM EST

Russell Wilson turned 34 in style. The Denver Broncos quarterback embarked on another year in his life with a party from his wife Ciara. The singer threw Wilson a birthday bash to celebrate another year.

Russell Wilson hasn’t been having the best season of his career. So, perhaps a party was a good idea. But, according to reports, things did not go as planned.


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Was Ciara’s party bittersweet for Russell Wilson?

The ever-excited partner, Ciara, kicked off Wilson’s birthday in style. The singer and actress posted a video of herself on Tik Tok. Ciara grooved to a birthday song clad in a very chic outfit. The model also took to Instagram to publicly wish her husband and profess her love. Her caption said, “Beautiful, Loving, Caring, Thoughtful, Consistent, Special, Anointed, Rare, A Legend, a Winner, Everything that is YOU! I love you so much Birthday Boy @DangerussWilson! Today a King was born! I love you so much! I’m proud to celebrate you today and everyday 👑.”  Ciara’s party may have been a thoughtful gesture made with the purest intentions. But even something as simple as that received negative press coverage.


REPORTS: Mutiny Against Russell Wilson in Broncos Camp After Sideline Spat Exposes Lack of Leadership

2 months ago

Russell Wilson’s relationship with his teammates has come under scrutiny. While there is nothing concrete that points to the team’s negative opinion of Russell, this recent tweet from Mike Klis worked like fodder for the rumor mills. Mike Klis from 9News tweeted some new information about Ciara’s party. Only half the team reportedly showed up to Wilson’s birthday bash. Is that an indication of bad blood between Wilson and his teammates?


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Wilson and the Broncos need to build a better foundation

The alleged tension within the team does not come as a shock. The Broncos were supposed to be better with the acquisition of star power like Wilson. And they paid quite a hefty fee for it too. But, Wilson has shown no signs of progress on the field. Off the field, Wilson has received criticism from the NFL world for his overly optimistic outlook and the repeated, sometimes cringe-worthy use of catchphrases.

DENVER, COLORADO – AUGUST 27: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos stands on the sideline in the fourth quarter of a preseason NFL game against the Minnesota Vikings at Empower Field at Mile High on August 27, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

They are currently at a humiliating 3-8. Wilson and the Broncos will take on the Baltimore Ravens in their next bout. After a very embarrassing loss to the Carolina Panthers, whose quarterback situation is far worse than the Broncos, the team will be looking to bounce back with a better performance.


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