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“Love Declining Wide Receiver”: Calling $18,000,000 Price Tag Too High for Odell Beckham Jr, NFL Insider Details a Pattern in Ravens’ Approach

Published 04/11/2023, 12:52 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Recent news of Odell Beckham Jr.’s jaw-dropping contract with the Baltimore Ravens has sent shockwaves through the NFL community. With a reported guaranteed sum of $15 million for just one year, it’s clear that the Ravens are willing to invest heavily in an “aging” wide receiver. This unexpected development has piqued the interest of sports commentators and NFL insiders alike, including Colin Cowherd, who gave his two cents on the development while highlighting an interesting pattern.

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Cowherd raised questions on whether the team is getting good value for the money they’re paying. His observations have certainly stirred up a debate, leaving many to ponder what the true significance of this contract could be.

Cowherd thinks OBJ is being overpaid


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Cowherd speculates that OBJ’s signing with the team may indicate that the deal was made to appease Lamar Jackson, who is likely returning to the Baltimore Ravens. He mentions that overpaying for certain positions, including quarterback, can lead to players like Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray not caring about football as much after receiving big contracts.

Furthermore, he cited the example of Amari Cooper, who is being paid significantly less. Talking of his conversation with an NFL executive, Cowherd said that WR is an “ego” position in football, “so this executive said I worry about getting receivers into bidding wars.”


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Players may be more susceptible to the effects of money and recruiting and may have a harder time working within a team framework compared to other positions.

Why is Colin Cowherd questioning OBJ’s contract?


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Colin Cowherd questioned the wisdom of the contract given to OBJ.  He believes that OBJ might not be as productive or durable as Cooper and might be better suited as a second or third receiver. He thinks that OBJ is becoming more injury-prone and is descending as a talent.

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Cowherd’s take on the situation, Alan Lazard, who plays for the Jets, got $22 million guaranteed for four years. Beckham is getting $15 million guaranteed for just one year with the Ravens. Cowherd reached out to two NFL executives and they were puzzled, wondering why the Ravens seem to have a thing for older wide receivers.


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“I texted two Executives in the NFL and they said what is it with the Ravens and old wide receivers Odell Beckham this year, Nelson Aguilar this year, DeSean Jackson last year, they loved their declining wide receiver talent in Baltimore.”, per Colin Cowherd. Colin and the executives are alarmed that the Ravens’ talent pool of wide receivers appears to be dwindling, a development that’s been met with shock and confusion in Baltimore.

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