“Come Home”: DK Metcalf and Other Players React to Odell Beckham Jr’s Puzzling Message After Cowboys-Chiefs Dilemma

Published 03/17/2023, 4:20 AM EDT

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It has been a while since the NFL world saw Odell Beckham Jr on the field. After an injury that made him sit out an entire season last year, OBJ is setting the pace for his comeback into the game. The 30-year-old free agent has recovered from the injury and is now looking at a possible gateway for his entry into the NFL once again. But it still left fans pondering which team will sign the WR after he has been out of action for such a long time.

In the midst of the cloud of uncertainty surrounding OBJ, fans and football players reacted to a post the WR recently shared on social media.

Fans and players react to training clips shared by Odell Beckham Jr 


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After recently hosting a workout session for NFL teams in Arizona, OBJ stated himself to be physically fit after recuperating from the injury he sustained. He invited NFL teams to take part in a bid to garner some attention for his comeback. During the session, Odell Beckham Jr looked like he is ready to be back in action, as it also sparked interest in the minds of a few teams to acquire the free agent for their roster for the upcoming 2023 season. OBJ recently shared a compilation of his training clips on social media as well. The caption read, “Somewhere between minding my own biz and watering my own grass.” This left the NFL world puzzled over the path OBJ is eyeing for himself.

This clip shared on social media garnered the attention of fans as well as football players like DK Metcalf, who reacted to the post shared by the 30-year-old WR.



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16 days ago

Giants safety Xavier Mckinney commented, “Built..come back home brother”

Former Giants WR Victor Cruz also commented, “Man listen…”

A user by the name marc_listaa said, “See you in Dallas soon”

Another user by the name isco_g commented, “I heard Mahomes needs a new receiver to throw to”

This user said, “Cheifs let get it”

Free agent Dez Bryant also commented saying, “yea..I love the hussle O..cut diferente!”

The Dallas- Chiefs dilemma for OBJ


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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been interested in acquiring the WR for the team since last season. Jones highly sought after the 2022 Super Bowl champion, who is still in pursuit of the WR. But the talks have led to no conclusive grounds for both the team and the player.

On the other hand, other people feel that the Kansas City Chiefs might be the best place for OBJ’s resurgence story. The Chiefs recently won the Super Bowl, and OBJ’s inclusion could further bolster the offensive capabilities of the Chiefs for another Super Bowl season. 

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All in all, in spite of the options that seem like excellent possibilities, Odell Beckham Jr’s future is still uncertain. Will he resurface this season? Or will teams not be able to finalize any sort of deal with the free agent? It will be an interesting time period ahead for both the fans and the player.


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