NFL To Make Sure Nothing Interrupts The 2020 Online Draft

April 8, 2020 10:34 pm

The NFL is planning to introduce multi-layered shields to ensure that no technical issues affect the 2020 NFL draft. The league has fourteen days to replace any potential crimps in the system with a corrected version before the draft. And preparations are going at full speed.

On April 23, Cincinnati Bengals will go for the No. 1 pick of the 2020 NFL draft.

As per ESPN, the NFL will test its draft system on multiple occasions before the 2020 NFL draft starts on April 23. They are setting up alternate systems on the off chance that a general manager faces any connection issues because of technical glitches in the main system.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, NFL GMs will direct the draft from their homes as opposed to team offices. Originally, the draft was to happen in front of a huge crowd in Las Vegas. However, it will happen virtually and it will in any case air live on TV under a revised format.

NFL will put multiple alternate systems in place to safeguard the draft

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the NFL draft in various manners, including the canceling of pro day workouts and no in-person visits among teams and draft possibilities.

Among the shields that will be used is a conference call including every one of the 32 teams. It will permit GMs to select their pick if something happens to their online draft system. They will also allow the GMs to email their picks if the draft system glitches.

It is unclear if extra time will be given to teams or not. However, experts think that it is highly unlikely that additional time will be given to teams to make picks. Additionally, it is unsure that the NFL will respect Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert’s recommendation of adding more rounds.

One thing which we can expect is that NFL, in any case, will give teams some additional room on the off chance that they are dealing with the exchange and conversations get hindered by a technical issue with the system.

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