Cruel Act Towards Medical Staff Prompts NFL World Asking Aaron Rodgers’ Teammates To Be Blatantly Suspended

Published 01/11/2023, 12:15 PM EST

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A moment of disgrace and a moment that Aaron Rodgers and his team would like to forget as soon as possible. In their season-ending loss to the Detroit Lions, the Packers put on their worst show. In the game, and outside it as well. During their loss, the Packers players tried to pick a fight with none other than the medical staff of the Lions.

In a week that has shown the paramount importance of the medical training staff on a football field, the incident reflected poorly on the Rodgers-led team. Packers Linebacker Quay Walker and TE Devonte Wyatt pushed a member of the Lions medical staff, as he tried to make his way past them.


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Aaron Rodgers’ fellow Packers teammates disrespect medical staff

In a moment of sheer ignorance and mindlessness, Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt pushed a Lions medical team trainer. The medical staff had taken the field to treat an injured Lions player when a trainer was pushed and shoved by the two Packers players. The trainer was trying to make his way through a bunch of players to reach the injured Lions player when the incident occurred.

Although Quay Walker was ejected from the game by his actions, fans across the NFL were enraged. Fans have been demanding that both Walker and Wyatt be suspended and fined by the league immediately.


A fan also noted the unfortunate timing of this incident

The medical staff and their indubitable greatness


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The NFL has witnessed one of its most historically charged moments over the past week. It started with the collapse of Damar Hamlin on the football field, which gripped the world with shock. But then, in a moment of solidarity across sports, the NFL saw the sporting world unite in their prayers for Damar.

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A key figure in all of these moments was the contribution of the medical staff of the Buffalo Bills. Many have showered the medical staff with praise for their immediate and active response upon the collapse of Damar Hamlin, which played a key role in saving his life. Fans and players alike have grown to develop a greater appreciation for the contribution of the medical staff.


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In a week filled with an outpouring of love and support for Hamlin and medical trainers across the world, Sunday night’s incident brought out the worst of the NFL.

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