Days After Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors, Big News Emerges

Published 03/19/2023, 4:00 AM EDT

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After leaving the NFL world in the dark after his ‘darkness retreat’, Aaron Rodgers finally gave fans a clear idea about the way he wants to move forward with his career. Fans have been patiently waiting for A-Rod’s decision regarding his future in the NFL. Recently in the Pat McAfee show, the 39-year-old quarterback made it public that he wants to continue his career while playing for the New York Jets. After 18 long years, it seems like the Packers are finally moving on from their four-time MVP quarterback. But the trade is not as simple as it looks, as there is a lot of speculation going around regarding Rodgers’ value in the market.

While the Green Bay Packers feel that A-Rod is worth a first-round pick, other teams in the NFL feel otherwise.

The Aaron Rodgers value debate


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The Jets are keen on signing the QB because of the lack of options in the QB market in this trade window. However, the Packers have made themselves clear about what they expect from them if they want a trade for Rodgers. They want a first-round pick, no.13 overall for this year. And if Rodgers decides to play another year for the Jets, the Packers are looking for another pick in 2025.


Update: Friction Emerges on Aaron Rodgers Trade as Jets Prepares to Finalize Deal With Green Bay Packers

11 days ago

However, teams in the NFL are eyeing Rodgers’s value in the market differently than the Packers. Teams that are not linked with A-Rod opened up about how they feel that the QB is worth a Day 2 pick plus a compensatory pick or two in the backend. This settlement brings down the value of Aaron Rodgers in the market, while other teams feel that it is a fair price being quoted by the Packers.


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While looking at A-Rod’s age, the 39-year-old might just have a year or two left on the field. Despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the game, he might be reaching the finishing line of his career. 

The Jets to finalize the A-Rod deal soon

While both teams are trying to figure out an agreeable package for the trade of Aaron Rodgers, one thing is for certain. He will be moving on from his long-time home to the Jets. Fans will be looking forward to what the Jets will finally offer for the trade of this four-time MVP QB. Will they undervalue his signing, or will they give the Packers exactly what they ask for?


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The A-Rod debate will finally see its closing chapters in the next few days. After things cool down in the next couple of days, both teams will be looking forward to figuring out the best possible route to finalize this long-awaited deal.

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