Deion Sanders is not the only popular one in his family. Just like their father, his kids are also well known amongst fans for their pursuit of different passions in life. While the athletic genes of Coach Prime run through his children, not all of them followed in their father’s footsteps into the world of professional sports. His eldest son, Deion Sanders Jr, initially played football for three seasons at Southern Methodist University. His father even called out the SMU coach for not allowing his son enough playing time on the field. But Deion Sanders Jr decided to hang up his cleats and move on to the world of business. 

Deion Sanders also recently caused a stir on social media after sharing a post that talked about spanking children to impart the value of respect for others. Despite Sanders’ controversial take on parenting, he is still proud of his children for making a name for themselves in their respective fields. And his 29-year-old son recently took to social media to show his appreciation for his father in his support of pursuing his own dreams. 

Deion Sanders receives praise from his  29-year-old son


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Deion Sanders Jr decided to follow his own entrepreneurial journey, with the launch of his clothing line called Well Off in 2016. Not only this, but Sanders Jr is also a prodigy when it comes to creating social media content. Apart from this, he also followed his passion for music, with his debut rap single “Swaggin” being released in 2011. 


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Coach Prime recently took to social media to celebrate his oldest son’s success in his entrepreneurial journey. He called Deion Sanders Jr “a blessing to me and many others.” In the post we see his 29-year-old son posing at the Colorado Buffaloes HQ. Coach Prime praised him for following and building on his vision and becoming successful with it. Deion Sanders Jr. came forward to appreciate his father’s support, as he commented on the post, “Yes sir. Means a lot!”

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While his other two children, Shilo and Shedue Sanders, focus on playing for the Colorado football program, his 29-year-old son is the brain behind the creative films we see on social media of the Colorado Buffaloes which also includes his father. Using his camera and talent, he’s helping his father boost the marketing of the Colorado football program, unlike any other college football program.


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Coach Prime’s eldest son is their social media guru

The Sanders family seems to be a close-knit bunch, as they always extend their help to each other’s profession. Deion Sanders Jr also helps his father and brothers in Colorado by taking care of creating content for social media. He runs the Well Off channel on YouTube, which is also a must-watch for the football program’s fanbase. The channel covers everything Colorado, from the family shifting from Jackson State to Colorado University to Coach Prime’s new life as the Warrior in chief of the football program. 

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Given Coach Prime’s popularity, the Colorado Buffaloes have also seen a massive buff in terms of their following on Instagram, boasting over 800k followers at the moment. While Deion Sanders continues to execute his plans of making the football program one of the greatest, fans will also be waiting in excitement for all the behind-the-scenes actions posted by his 29-year-old son on social media. 


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