Deion Sanders’ Son Destroys Anonymous Big 12 Coach Who “Fears” the “Threat” Coach Prime Presents to College Football

Published 07/05/2023, 1:58 PM EDT

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An anonymous head coach unleashed a storm with his recent comments! The Colorado Buffaloes head coach, Deion Sanders, found himself at the center of controversy after an anonymous Pac-12 football coach shared his doubts about his ability to lead the team. However, Deion Sanders Jr., the oldest son of Coach Prime, took to social media to defend his father and the team. 

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Deion Sanders, a first-year head coach, has been generating buzz with his unconventional approach to the game and his commitment to transforming the program. At the same time, Deion Sanders Jr.’s response has ignited a passionate discussion about the program’s potential and the motivations behind the anonymous coach’s words.

Deion Sanders Jr. fires back


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Casting a shadow of doubt in the hearts of many, an anonymous Pac-12 coach, boldly predicted that the Sanders era was destined for failure. “It feels like a lose-lose for Colorado with Prime,” the anonymous coach said. “Either he’s gonna be really good really fast and leave for another gig, which, looking at that roster doesn’t seem possible. The alternative is that they’re gonna be bad, and they’ll end up firing him in a big circus.”

Amidst whispers of doubt and skepticism, Deion Sanders Jr. emerged as a vocal advocate for his father and the revitalization of the Buffaloes football program. 


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“They pray that we don’t do well because they fear us (and I’m not even talking about fear us on the field). It’s a threat to the social norms and the infrastructure of college football,” Sanders Jr. wrote via Twitter.

Refusing to remain silent, Deion Sanders Jr. expressed his frustrations. Through ‘Well Off Media’, Sanders Jr. shed light on the extensive changes implemented by Coach Prime, emphasizing the revitalization of the Buffaloes’ roster and their ambitious goals for the upcoming season. At the same time, Deion Sanders is silencing his doubters with his sheer determination and hard work.

Deion Sanders: Silencing doubters 

Amidst whispers of skepticism and doubt, Deion Sanders stands resolute and ready to prove himself. The anonymous coach’s comments, intended to undermine and discourage, only fueled Sanders’ fire.

After a Deion Jr. response, the father finally responded in a comment,

“This is the Dumbest thing I’ve almost ever seen and the Only reason I said almost is because I’m giving y’all time to top this stupidity. “We Coming” and u know it. “

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Sanders’ arrival in Colorado has injected a much-needed dose of excitement and hope into a team that has languished in mediocrity for decades.

Father of Five Deion Sanders Feels Proud of His “Favorite Son” for Huge Achievement Amidst Facing Massive Backlash


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As the Buffaloes prepare for their Power Five debut under Sanders’ guidance, anticipation fills the air. All eyes will be on Sanders and his team, eager to witness the transformation he promises to bring to Colorado football. One thing is certain: Coach Prime’s impact extends far beyond the wins and losses on the field.

However, some questions are still unanswered. 

What motivates the anonymous coach to cast doubt on Deion Sanders and the Colorado program? 


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Can Sanders successfully navigate the high expectations placed upon them? 

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