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Running backs are the powerhouse players who fuel victories on the field. However, they find themselves grappling with an issue- financial dissatisfaction. Recently, an elite group of these athletes gathered for a game-changing private Zoom meeting. Led by the Chargers’ versatile star, Austin Ekeler, this secret assembly included luminaries like the 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey, the Browns’ Nick Chubb, the Giants’ Saquon Barkley, the Raiders’ Josh Jacobs and the Titans’ Derrick Henry. 

This virtual event could alter the very fabric of the sporting world. With a shared struggle against the financial challenges they face, they decided it was time to be heard, not only by the leagues but also by their loyal fans who admire their game-changing abilities. Will this united front of star running backs finally bring about the recognition and compensation they seek? 

The NFL’s Running Back problem


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The Zoom meeting organized by Derrick Henry served as a pivotal moment for the running back fraternity. With their game-changing abilities, these star players engaged in discussions to chart their next moves amidst the challenging financial landscape. Yet, the meeting concluded without concrete action plans, leaving the players confronted with the harsh reality of their diminishing value to NFL teams.

After the meeting, Dalvin Cook shared his feelings about the state of the RB position during an interview on The Rich Eisen Show. “Derrick Henry started a group chat last weekend, you know, it’s kind of sad, where people think about the position. I feel the frustration of everyone back around the league. So like that Zoom call, and voicing our opinions in a group chat. It’s kind of needed right now.” He also revealed that 15 RBs joined the conversation. He mentioned that the players share a common goal: to improve conditions for future generations. He advocates for his brother James Cook, who is a running back for the Buffalo Bills at just 23 years old. The running backs are united in their mission to advocate for better opportunities and recognition for young talents.

My little brother is in the NFL. He’s only 23 years old. So it’s like I’m trying to, we’re trying to get this thing going for the near future,” Cook stated.  “We got backs in the league that’s only 22 or 23 years old that deserve a better future than what they trying to give to us right now.”

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As the battle for fair compensation intensifies, the running back revolution has taken center stage in the NFL, with Derrick Henry leading the charge for change.

Reshaping the NFL’s Compensation Landscape

Despite being a four-time Pro Bowler, Cook is currently a free agent. However, he is attracting interest from multiple teams such as the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and Miami Dolphins. Meanwhile, the Dolphins are keen to bring him on board, but he is taking his time in evaluating the market and seeking an offer that matches his worth.


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However, unlike Cook’s situation, other star running backs find themselves entangled in franchise tag dilemmas. Players like Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs were tagged at $10.1 million by their respective clubs. Now, they face the pivotal decision of either playing on the tag or potentially sitting out the entire 2023 season due to stalled contract negotiations. The running back revolution led by Derrick Henry has ignited a spark of change in the NFL. The question remains: Will the league finally recognize the invaluable contributions of these athletes and give them the financial respect they rightly deserve? Only time will tell.

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