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Despite 2 Super Bowl Wins at Just 27, ‘Old Man’ Patrick Mahomes Told to Hang Up His Big Boots

Published 06/04/2023, 6:20 AM EDT

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Quarterbacks in the NFL are one of the hottest commodities. Every franchise needs a top QB to remain competitive and hold the chance of a shot at the Super Bowl. In a market that’s as volatile and sensitive, Kansas City Chiefs are reveling in having Patrick Mahomes on their roster. Patrick Mahomes has been with the Chiefs since his rookie year, joining them back in 2017.

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The time spent with the Chiefs has seen Mahomes earn over 7 years of experience as a Quarterback at the highest level. Not only that, his time with the Chiefs has seen him help them win two super bowls. To win 2 Super Bowls in the era of Brady and Rodgers, it’s no mean feat. With that said, have we seen the best of Mahomes already?

Patrick Mahomes – one of the leading QBs in AFC


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The 27-year-old Quarterback for the Chiefs is an appreciated public figure. Mahomes is appealing to the fans as well as to his rivals. His easy going nature and sociability draws a lot of likeness towards him from fans and friends alike.

In a recent post on Twitter, uploaded by Sunday Night Football on NBC, they talk about the AFC QB experience in the NFL. With Rodgers being the leading QB in experience, followed by Russell Wilson, Mahomes is the 16th on the list.


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Mahomes is competing with the likes of Brady, Rodgers and Wilson to be among the conversation for one of the best QB in the NFL. Having won 2 Super Bowls as well as 2 MVP titles already, he may have already cemented his name as a contender for the conversation, despite his young age.

Fans call out Mahomes and tell him to retire

As we already saw in the Twitter post, Mahomes is friendly and funny. With his statement, “Dang I got old Quick,” the fans had quite some things to say and add to his assessment, and funny ones too.

“😭😭😭😭time to retire old man!,” says one fan humorously continuing the joke that Pat is old.

“Best Qb on that list by a mile,” acknowledging the feat he has achieved in just 7 years.

“#old” commented another fan.


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“The league got young, bubba. You still a pup. But you the alpha dog.” says another fan.

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“God job with that bat yesterday. You still young.” followed up another fan.

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Mahomes is too good and too young to retire from the NFL, and if he continues along his current trajectory, he will go on to cement his name as one of the best ever, right alongside Rodgers and Brady.


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