“Did Your TV Not Work at the End of Last Year in Philadelphia?” – Sports Analyst Mocks Executives Over 2020 NFL Preview

July 9, 2020 3:19 am

Recently, more than 50 executives, scouts, coaches, and players from the NFL were asked to preview the 2020 NFL season. These sports personalities were given the task to stack the top 10 footballers for 11 different positions.

And sportscaster Colin Cowherd didn’t seem to take a liking to the list. In his show, Herd with Colin Cowherd, he slammed these executives, scouts, coaches, for their incompetence.

NFL 2020 season preview gone wrong

While speaking about Patrick Mahomes’ recent record-breaking deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, he said, “50 league executives, coaches, scouts, were asked to stack the top 10 players at 11 different football positions. I’m just gonna go quarterback we don’t want to talk about guards and centers.

“So these are executives, general managers, scouts, creme-de-la-creme coaches. Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson are one and two. That’s the good news. They got that right. But they show the highest and lowest ranking each of them got.”

His surprise erupted even more. Cowherd couldn’t stop laughing at some of the decisions, as he continued, “Somebody thought Patrick Mahomes was the fourth-best quarterback in the league, somebody thought Russell Wilson was the ninth-best quarterback.

“Somebody thought Lamar Jackson was the twelfth, somebody thought Carson Wentz was the fourteen, somebody thought Dak Prescott and Matt Stafford were the fourth-best quarterbacks. What?”

He went on to mock the voters of the poll, “Did your TV not work at the end of last year in Philadelphia? Carson Wentz carried a scout team to the playoffs. Lamar Jackson was MVP. Are you watching the games? Is the television set not working?

“Now, Lamar Jackson is young, I get it. I get it, there are critics. I’m not one, but there are critics. But we’ve seen Matt Stafford for nine years… ten years. Fourth?

“I’ve seen Dak Prescott for several. With a great O-line, with a great receiver, with a great back [end]. Fourth? Folks, there is incompetency everywhere,” he continued.

How did the voting work?

The list was originally published by ESPN with the objective of identifying the best players in 2020. Each of the voters picked their players for a specific position.

After that, the publishers compiled the votes and ranked the players based on their top-10 votes, along with other criteria. Whenever there was a tiebreaker between players, the publishers arranged for two-man matchups by initiating additional voting.

Whatever their process had been, Cowherd is clearly not on the same page with the voters. 

Was Patrick Mahomes underrated?

Cowherd was mainly surprised because the executives thought Patrick Mahomes wasn’t their first choice. Interestingly, the 24-year old quarterback, last year, became only the second player in the NFL’s history to win both a Super Bowl and the MVP title within his first three seasons.

He gathered quarterback ratings of 113.8 and 105.3 during his first two-years as Chiefs’ starter. Since 2018, Mahomes leads the league with 17 touchdown passes on the run along with 22 touchdown passes of 20-plus yards downfield.

Naturally, there was something to be surprised about, when such an athlete isn’t a universal choice for being the number one quarterback.

Do you agree with Cowherd?

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