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“Don’t make no sense” – Analyst Claims Patrick Mahomes Should Be First in NFL Top 100 List

“Don’t make no sense” – Analyst Claims Patrick Mahomes Should Be First in NFL Top 100 List

Patrick Mahomes put in one of the best all-round displays over the course of the 2018 season. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback managed to throw for 5,000+ yards and made 50 TDs that year to become the third African-American player to win the NFL MVP award. He is only the second player in the NFL to throw for 5,000 yards and make 50 TDs after Peyton Manning. Due to his exploits that year, Mahomes was ranked fourth on the NFL Top 100 list before the start of the 2019 season.

Patrick Mahomes

The Texas-born athlete followed up on his record-breaking sophomore season with another strong display last year. Mahomes led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl trophy since 1970. After almost 50 years, the Super Bowl trophy arrived in Missouri before the coronavirus pandemic began.

Despite his heroics in the Super Bowl LIV’s fourth quarter, Mahomes did not make any progress in the NFL Top 100 list and came in fourth this year as well. Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson was ranked at number one.

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Former NFL man slams Patrick Mahomes’ number four ranking in NFL Top 100 list

Former Philadelphia Eagles player Emmanuel Acho spoke about Mahomes’ relatively low ranking on a recent segment of Speak For Yourself.

“The players, they just lost all credibility by me, Marcellus. They lost all credibility by me, bro. I’m just saying, I’m just saying.

“Because Lamar, he’s likable, he’s lovable. I love Lamar, I love Lamar. He’s swaggy, he’s being his own best version of himself. I love that… But if you don’t have Mahomes at number one, it don’t make no sense,” Acho said.

Compared to his 2018 season, Mahomes threw for 4,000+ yards and made 26 TDs last year. However, he put in a strong performance in the Super Bowl which also earned him the MVP award. Mahomes recently signed a 10-year contract extension with the Chiefs that will keep him in Missouri till 2031, at the very least. Can Mr. Showtime prove his doubters wrong this season?

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SOURCE: Speak For Yourself Twitter

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