“Entire Team Was Terrible”: Dreaming of Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski Amidst Jimmy Garoppolo’s Compounding Troubles, Raiders Get Destroyed by Pat McAfee & Co

Published 05/31/2023, 3:00 AM EDT

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All eyes are on Tom Brady right now. Despite retiring from the game at 45, the NFL icon has fans hoping for a comeback ever since Jimmy Garoppolo’s fortune took a disastrous U-turn in Sin City. Brady’s involvement as a minority owner in the Las Vegas Raiders has fans dreaming of a gridiron return for the widely considered GOAT. However, there are a few reputed NFL insiders who think that TB12’s playing days are far behind him.

Having last won the Super Bowl at 43, Brady’s quarterbacking prowess cannot be disregarded completely. However, after a mildly disappointing season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pat McAfee and Co don’t think Brady has it in him anymore.

Is Tom Brady good enough to win his eighth ring?

After finishing the season as the NFC South champions and losing to the Cowboys in the opening round of the 2022-23 playoffs, Tom Brady announced his retirement from football. However, based on his past reputation, nothing was ever off the table for the 7x Lombardi winner. With Jimmy G failing his physical and having his $33.75 million contract restructured, Raider Nation needs their QB1. And they are looking at the owner’s box at their newest future minority partner, TB12. However, Adam Pac-Man Jones and Pat McAfee don’t see that happening.

Why wouldn’t Tom? Newly single. In the dome. Davante Adams. Gronk right. Gronk can still play football. They all know Josh McDaniels’ s–t,” McAfee suggested.

Sorry I love Tom Brady, but I don’t think he’s still got it. It sounds good. But for 17 weeks? Come on,” Pacman replied. And McAfee quickly saw the truth in that statement. “Yeah, they were terrible. Everyone on the sideline too was terrible though. Their entire team was terrible,” McAfee said about the 2022 Buccaneers.

Tom Brady’s age and fitness aren’t the only factors standing in the way of the former New England Patriots passer’s return.

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Namely, he has to jump over 31 other hurdles.

Team owners also need to give Brady the green light

It’s not just Josh McDaniels and Mark Davis that Brady needs to convince if he wants to start in the pocket next season. According to NFL rules, all other 31 team owners must also ratify the same. This is because a ‘dual role’ is prohibited for members owning a financial portion of the franchise in a minor or major capacity. This becomes tricky as rival team owners don’t want to see the NFL’s most winning quarterback leading their opposition.

If Brady wants to play, he has to delay his NFL ownership plans and get back to work immediately. He has already pushed back his Fox Sports joining date by a year. So Brady is known to delay commitments. Will he do the same in Sin City and replace his former Patriots backup Jimmy G? More importantly, will TB12 prove Pacman and McAfee wrong with another championship donning the famed silver and black?

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