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“Extra Suit Arm Sleeves Over D*CK”: Fans Are Spotting Intentional Flaws in Travis Kelce’s SNL Suit

Published 03/05/2023, 11:00 AM EST

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On Saturday, Super Bowl 57 winner Travis Kelce hosted the SNL (Saturday Night Live). It was pretty entertaining to watch, as many positive reactions have poured in towards the younger Kelce Brother. Despite his great showing, one particular thing during his monologue caught the eyes of many fans; it was his extra long arm sleeves over his legs. Although it looked bizarre at first, it seemed like an intentional mistake.


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Notably, Kelce’s whole family, including brother Jason, mother, and father, was in attendance during this show. It was a weird choice of clothing in front of his family. At least, that’s what the fans are saying.

Fans troll Travis Kelce for wearing a weird-looking suit in the SNL monologue

Earlier, podcast show host, Chris Marler noticed the weird suit and pointed it out on Twitter. He tweeted a picture and, in the caption, wrote, “Why does Travis Kelce have extra suit arm sleeves over d**k right now?”

It seems like many people agreed with him, as another Twitter user pointed out another flaw in the suit.


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One more person made a hilarious comment about staring at the thing.

One fan questioned Kelce’s fashion sense.

Another fan thinks that Kelce did it intentionally to draw attention.

On the other hand, one person blamed the tailor for making this dress.

Another Twitter user did not approve of his look wearing that dress.

Whereas one fan thinks, Klece needs a new stylist.

On the other hand, one fan thought Kelce had a great monologue despite wearing a weird dress.

In the monologue made some hilarious jokes while making fun of himself. Moreover, he made fun of his brother Jason as well, who did appear in one of the scenes later in the show. Safe to say, the audience enjoyed Kelce’s performance thoroughly despite his weird dressing sense.

Kelce made fun of Patrick Mahomes in the show


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During the Monologue, the Chiefs‘ tight end made fun of his speeches during games. In a video clip shown by Kelce, he could be seen shouting only “More, more” to his teammates. Then, he tried to do it in Patrick Mahomes’ voice, which was super hilarious.


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Notably, Kelce and Mahomes are more than teammates, as their camaraderie has been exceptional both on and off the field. Recently, they showed up together In Vegas with other teammates and had a fun party, enjoying their Super Bowl win over the Eagles. The Chiefs fans would be hoping to see this pair for a long time, as their bond could win them more Super Bowl trophies in the future, as it did in the previous season.

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