“Far-Fetched”: HOF-Er Joe Sends Lucrative Deal to Incite Aaron Rodgers With an Offer He Can’t Refuse

Published 01/21/2023, 11:05 AM EST

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The regular season is over, and most fans would ideally have their eyes on the playoffs, right? Except, fans and analysts can’t help but wonder where Aaron Rodgers is going to end up. 

The hall-of-fame-bound QB’s season ended with a disheartening loss to the Detroit Lions. Ever since his status for next season has been the headline of every primetime show. Rumors about Rodgers’ retirement have been floating around since the Packers were eliminated. After another year of disappointment in Green Bay, an amicable future with Rodgers and the Packers seems less than likely. The QB, though, recently expressed his interest in winning another MVP, drawing the ire of some.

Joe and the Jets!


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Joe Namath is the definition of football royalty. The hall-of-fame QB has won an AFL championship and a Super Bowl in the NFL for the New York Jets. To date, those stand as the only Lombardi’s ever to grace the Jets building. Namath’s name is amongst a short list of superstar athletes based in New York teams, with the likes of Walt Frazier and Co. Needless to say, Namath is truly a special, special player in the Jets association. 

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In a recent bid to enter the sweepstakes for the race to sign Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, Joe Namath made a proposition to get the QB. Calling into WFAN’s ‘Tiki & Tierney’, Namath offered up his retired jersey number 12. “I’d sure love Rodgers if he’s there. Yeah, I want him to wear his number” Namath told the hosts. He went on, “We established ourselves and we’ve got a real respect for our numbers, and Aaron Rodgers, God almighty, yeah! It’d be great to have him in New York.”

A legend of Namath’s status offering up his retired jersey number, speaks testaments to Rodgers’ legacy as a player. It would also add a much greater flare to the Jets’ overall offer to convince Rodgers to request a trade to New York. Especially with recent rumours of Zach Wilson’s imminent removal from the Jets QB room, the Jets could certainly use a player like Aaron Rodgers. Whether the offer is enough to sway Rodgers’ mind on his present situation, however, is a different conversation altogether. 

Where can Aaron Rodgers possibly end up in the offseason?


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If the Packers ever consider moving past Aaron Rodgers, teams across the NFL would line up to trade for the MVP of the last two seasons. At the top of that list, however, would unquestionably be the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders. 

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The Raiders are fresh off a disappointing season, which saw them end ties with franchise QB Derek Carr. With the position for QB1 open, Rodgers will be at the top of their radar. As for the Jets, the team seems to be done with the Zach Wilson experiment. After public backlash from teammates, the team will be seeking a replacement for the heavily criticised QB. And especially with management and legends of the organisation lining up to welcome Rodgers, the Jets might be the most likely contender to secure a trade for the legendary QB. 


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We continue to wait for further updates on the Aaron Rodgers situation all through the playoffs and the offseason, to keep you filled in. 

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