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“Feel good about where Tua is” – Miami Dolphins Coach Not Confirming Starting Quarterback

“Feel good about where Tua is” – Miami Dolphins Coach Not Confirming Starting Quarterback

Miami Dolphins created waves when they drafted Tua Tagovailoa in the first round of this year’s NFL draft. The former Alabama college student made a name for himself over the course of the 2019 NCAA system. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as the fifth overall draft pick at this year’s virtual event.

The coronavirus pandemic caused some discrepancy around Tua’s arrival in Florida. However, he passed a medical in July and joined the Dolphins for preseason training in July. He signed a four-year contract with the Dolphins worth around $30 million and will wear the jersey number one. Seasoned NFL veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starter for the Dolphins last year.

But Tua could pose head coach Brian Flores a ‘welcome trouble’ as per this recent interview.

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Miami Dolphins coach keeps starting quarterback berth open before season opener

Miami Dolphins’ head coach, Brian Flores, spoke to NFL Network correspondent Michael Giardi. Here’s what Flores was saying about the ongoing battle for the starting quarterback berth between Tua and Ryan.

“From a health standpoint, we feel good about where Tua is. At the same time, we’re not saying that Tua is No. 2; we’re not saying that he’s No. 1. We’re going through it. We’re still making evaluations. We’re still looking at every possible scenario,” Flores said told Giardi.

In addition to that, here is what Dolphins’ safety, Eric Rowe, said about his new rookie teammate.

“He can put zip on the ball. I’ve noticed through camp that he’s gotten his better with his eyes…he was kind of staring down at routes but he’s gotten a lot better with his eyes and from what I can tell, his progression,” Rowe added.

The Dolphins start their 2020 campaign with a clash against Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots. For now, it remains unclear if Tua will be given the green light ahead of veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, things could change in the build-up to this game which will be played in Miami.

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