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NFL Players Help Clean Up Local Stores

NFL Players Help Clean Up Local Stores

Auden Tate, NFL Player

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, at the hands of a police officer, has sparked anger and unrest across America. As a result, several celebrities, including NFL stars, have expressed themselves against the pervasive discrimination. Moreover, protests have intensified everywhere and the violence attached has affected almost everyone. Tampa Bay has been no exception.

Destruction in Tampa Bay

In just one night’s mayhem, at least 40 businesses were looted and five were set on fire in the area. Consequently, the police have arrested 41 adults and juveniles. People are encouraging peaceful protests.

“Tonight was one of the most tragic horrific nights you could ever imagine. Just seeing people come and destroy things instead of rebuilding it and just protesting and showing what we actually want to happen“, complained a protester. “We are trying to send a message, but we’re just not doing it in the proper way.”

How the League’s Members Got Involved in The Aftermath

After everything calmed down and the extent of the destruction truly came to light, many citizens decided to help clean up local stores in the area. Among these were footballers too!

The above tweet by Gridiron shows a video of NFL players coming out to help their local community. Cincinnati Bengals‘ wide receiver, Auden Tate, Buffalo Bills‘ wide receiver, Ray-Ray McCloud, and Indianapolis Colts’ cornerback, Isaiah Rogers.

Both Tate and McCloud, except for Rogers, are members of the 2018 NFL Draft class. However, all three are natives of Tampa.

Not just eminent professional footballers, even high school standouts and USF players came to the rescue. Cadi Molina, who was a tailback and receiver in high school, was accompanied by USF quarterback Jordan McCloud (Plant High) and Wake Forest quality-control coach Devin Santana (Sickles).

“We’re just trying to lead by example and express some positivity to the tough times right now”, said Molina.

Despite such tough times, it’s truly commendable of the community to come out in support of local businesses.

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