Gracious Tom Brady Passes Riveting Life Lessons To Former Opponent’s Kids

Published 12/27/2022, 5:30 AM EST

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Tom Brady is great at giving advice. Perhaps it’s the longevity of his career that provides him with the depth of perception that is rivaled by a few. But apart from being a beast on the field, Brady is also a doting father. That perhaps makes him more qualified than some of his younger peers in the matter of dealing with children. Combining his wisdom with the ability to interact with kids, Brady is an exceptional advisor.

And that’s exactly what he did when former Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s children came to watch his play. So, what pearls of wisdom did Brady pass on to the younglings?

Tom Brady bestows what years of experience have taught him


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Larry Fitzgerald thought he could be voted father of the year after taking his children to see the Buccaneers take on the Cardinals. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald was treated to witnessing his former team’s defeat. But, there wasn’t much to mope about, especially after his children got to meet Tom Brady. As a co-host on Brady’s podcast, ‘Let’s Go!’ with Jim Gray, the former receiver shared their experience.


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The seven-time Super Bowl champion indulged Fitzgerald’s kids, which they immensely enjoyed. Tom met with them post his 16-19 win and even bestowed some advice. The presumably aspiring little athletes were encouraged by Brady’s motivational talk. Speaking of their interaction Fitzgerald said, “It was very gracious of him to take some time and you know he gave them some really great advice, you know if you want to be an athlete the things that you need to be thinking about in terms of your mental preparation, leadership qualities, all the things he’s exemplified over his entire career.” He also added the elation of his children, as they called their friends, to gush about their interaction with TB12.


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Brady may be experienced with last-minute comebacks, but the same cannot be expected from his squad

Fitzgerald was one among the many who witnessed a close game between the Cardinals and Bucs. TB12 was able to slip away with a victory despite putting on a performance that was far from his best. But, Bucs head coach Todd Bowles’ defense was able to hold off their opponent’s offense.

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With this victory, the Bucs will find themselves at 7-8. Despite being at the top of a dismal NFC South, they are not guaranteed a shot at the playoffs, yet. The Bucs will return home to take on divisional rivals, the Carolina Panthers, on Sunday. If they hope to get to the postseason, losing is not an option for Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers have had many close games this season, with both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. But if Tom Brady and the rest of the squad make it to the postseason, the unpredictability that currently may be thrilling for fans will morph into a liability that cannot be risked.


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