“Guess Someone Is Getting Fired Even Though This Is True”: Shocked Fans Rub Eyes as Cowboys Slam $160 Million Franchise QB From Own Social Media Handle

Published 01/24/2023, 4:58 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Dak Prescott knows all about going from hero to zero in the span of just one week in the NFL. He has played in the league long enough to understand that. But it rarely happens that a player’s own franchise slams him for his performance publicly. And that is exactly what has happened with the Dallas Cowboys franchise QB.

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The NFL world is shocked beyond belief and fans are rubbing their eyes. They just can’t believe what has happened with the $160 million franchise QB at the AT&T Stadium.

Fans are in disbelief over the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott tweet 


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The Cowboys official Twitter handle stirred up a storm due to an overtly critical tweet about franchise QB Dak Prescott. This comes after the Cowboys crashed out of the playoffs after a divisional round loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFL world could not believe what they saw. Many fans said that someone will lose their job in the franchise media team. Others asked Prescott to move on from the franchise and go where he will be valued. A fan thinks someone in the Cowboys staff will be fired for this fiasco.


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This fan thinks the tweet is the truth and Prescott lost the game for the Cowboys.

Another fan took a shot at the Cowboys fan base for always hating their QB.

This fan wants Prescott to move on from the Cowboys to a new team that values him.

Another fan blames the whole team for the playoff loss.

This fan gave a reason why the Cowboys tweeted the way they did.

Not many teams are overtly critical of their own players in the sports world, let alone in the NFL. But the Cowboys under owner Jerry Jones have always done things differently. Prescott did put up a subpar performance in the playoff clash with the Niners. And the wait for the Super Bowl title just got a little longer.

A performance to forget 


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The Cowboys offense would like to forget the performance they put up in the divisional playoff round at the Levi’s Stadium on Sunday. The defense did their best and kept the home side under 20 points. But Dak Prescott and his offense just couldn’t capitalize on it.

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Prescott threw 206 passing yards in the game but managed just one touchdown pass. But he turned the ball over to the Niners defense twice through interceptions. And the home team edged past the visitors 19-12 to set up the NFC championship clash with the Philadelphia Eagles.


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The biggest question after the Cowboys tweet is, what does the future hold for Prescott at the AT&T Stadium? Will the Cowboys go to the next season with him in the center?

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