“He Is Just Getting Started” – 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan Heaps Praise on Star Quarterback

July 26, 2020 3:23 am

Everything looked set for Kyle Shanahan and Co. to lift the Super Bowl trophy in Miami last year. They led by a 20-10 scoreline at the start of the fourth quarter before Patrick Mahomes went on a rampage in the final quarter of the game. The 49ers ultimately fell to a 31-20 defeat against the Chiefs and missed out on a Championship ring in 2019.

Kyle Shanahan’s San Francisco 49ers will be determined to pick up where they left off. Star quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who starred for the 49ers in 2019, is under immense pressure to step up his game heading into the 2020 season. Here’s what coach Kyle Shanahan said on Garoppolo and other 49ers players.

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San Francisco 49rs coach Kyle Shanahan has massive hopes from Jimmy Garoppolo

“Jimmy is just getting started. Last year was his first year playing quarterback for the whole season. He never had a longer than a three-game stretch and last year he got 16 and look how good he did. Look how far we got and oh my god we almost got all the way but that’s not the finished product. That’s how I feel about everything, I feel about myself, I feel about my team. ‘Guys we didn’t almost get there, we’re still going’”, said Shanahan on ‘Unbuttoned’ with Chris Simms.

Our guys can get better, Shanahan expecting great things from 49ers roster

San Francisco 49ers boasted a 13-3 record in the NFL last year. They were dominant defensively. They did enough to win the NFC West Championship by beating the Green Bay Packers. Before the 2020 season begins, Shanahan revealed he wants more from his players.

“When I’m talking about Jimmy, how can he not get better? He’s played one season and that’s just the starting point. You look at some of our receivers, some of our D-linemen. We got guys who almost played good enough and we almost coached good enough last year to win a Super Bowl. That’s a hard pill to swallow that it wasn’t enough,” Shanahan concluded.

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SOURCE: Fourth and Nine Twitter 

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