“He is the New Kryptonite for the Patriots” – Former Pro Bowler Talks the Affect of Patrick Mahomes on Bill Belichick’s side

July 1, 2020 11:37 pm

Patrick Mahomes’ addition to the Kansas City Chiefs has been more than a blessing. The Chiefs won a Super Bowl after this year after 50 long years. And while the wait has been truly worth, it isn’t just Patrick Mahomes and the offensive side that has been solely responsible.

Chiefs’ defense has improved since 2018

The Chief’s defense in 2018 wasn’t as good as it was in 2019. In 2018, the defensive side gave 26.3 points and 405.5 yards per game. It also allowed for 64.2% completions. However, in just a year’s time, this same defense has gone to 19.1 points and 348.5 yards per game. It has also improved to 59.9% completions which is 3rd in the league (as compared 15th in 2018).

The Chiefs are now strong contenders for a top 10 defense. “They weren’t number one like the New England Patriots. But the last 7 weeks, they did only give up 11.5 points per game,” said Marcellus Wiley on Speak For Yourself. “To the tune of why they were in the Super Bowl, what got them over the hump wasn’t Patrick Mahomes, [but] the fact that they now had a defense that they could believe in and that could show up.”

Patrick Mahomes is the key to the Chiefs’ success

The Pats have only had to go through a top 4 offense only twice in their nine AFC Championship appearances,” Wiley added. Once against, Peyton Manning and the Indiana Colts in 2003 and then against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018.

“But did you know Bill Belichick beat up [Peyton Manning the first time he saw him] in an AFC Championship game… And then beat him another time when he’d that top 4 offense. It’s just a parallel to a young man who got beaten, unfortunately, in that playoff game. And that’s Patrick Mahomes. But what happened with Peyton Manning after that moment is the same thing that’s gonna happen with Patrick Mahomes after that moment and it has happened. He’s the new kryptonite for the Patriots.

Wiley believes that Mahomes will be a vital strength to the Chiefs in the coming season(s). While it can be argued that Mahomes’ 2018 season wasn’t as good as Manning’s 2004 season, the two (seasons) are comparable and among the best of all-time quarterback seasons. Peyton had a legendary season in 2004 as Marcellus described and that’s where Patrick is headed.

Moreover, with everyone talking about whether Cam Newton will be a boon or a bane to the Patriots, the analyst says, “it’s not so much about [Cam Newton], it’s about Mahomes and the Chiefs.

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