“He Will Win MVP This Year”- Former Packers WR Makes a Bold Prediction Around Aaron Rodgers’ Return

May 29, 2020 5:32 pm

It has been over a month since Green Bay Packers traded up to draft a quarterback at the 2020 NFL draft. Ever since then the debate has raged on over Aaron Rodgers and his future at Lambeau Field. Many believe the Packers drafting Love over a perceived need for wide receivers is an indicator that the team believes Rodgers is declining. However, a former teammate says the draft can spur Rodgers on to achieve the heights of his 2011 and 2014 seasons. 

James Jones backs Aaron Rodgers to claim the 2020 NFL MVP

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In a chat with Pat McAfee, the Super Bowl XLV winner said, “Man I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron Rodgers wins MVP this year. He’s a guy who’s always gonna accept a challenge man. He’ll always rise to the occasion. Now you have a guy in the first round who is eventually gonna have to play. We don’t know if its gonna be 4 years, 2 years or one0. We don’t know. But we know when you take a guy in the first round.”

“They are gonna want to see him play before his contract is up and Aaron Rodgers knows that. He is one of those guys who the team drafted in the first round and has those opportunities. So he knows to push that back you have to play at a higher level.”

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“And I believe Aaron Rodgers gonna come out, he will win MVP this year. He’s gonna have a chip on his shoulder but he’s a perfectionist. I’ve been around the guy for a very long time. He’s a competitor and he’s gonna want to show the world. ‘this is my team, this is my job for a very long time.” 

However, Jones did express his surprise at the draft where Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love despite reaching the NFC Championship game.  He said he understood it as he views it being the Green Bay Packers preparation for an injury to Aaron Rodgers. 

“Aaron Rodgers 36 years old. Whenever he did get hurt our back quarterback didn’t do well and our season is gone. You need to prepare for that. However, I don’t believe Jordan Love gets a game for 3-4 years as Aaron Rodgers has a lot of football left in him.”

Jones is clearly confident in his former teammate rising to the occasion to keep the youngster at bay.

Do you agree with these statements or is the 36-year-old set to see his stats drop yet again?

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