“He’s a Little Unpredictable”- Bill Belichick Lauds Dolphins Starter Ryan Fitzpatrick

September 9, 2020 10:46 pm

The arrival of the highly-rated rookie quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, in Miami this year put Ryan Fitzpatrick’s spot in jeopardy. The veteran NFL shot-caller spent time in the league with Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before he joined the ranks of the Miami Dolphins in 2019.

Despite Tua’s arrival, Coach Brian Flores confirmed that Fitzpatrick will start Week One as the first-choice quarterback. Seemingly, ‘Fitz Magic’ is here to stay for another season.

Here’s what New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick said about the seasoned NFL quarterback.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick was confirmed as the first-choice starter for Miami Dolphins earlier this week. Coach Brian Flores wants to allow rookie Tua Tagovailoa some more time to settle in. Hence, veteran Fitzpatrick will take the lead in the season-opening game against the Patriots.

“Well, Ryan’s a, you know, smart player, very experienced player and a very instinctive player. He does things on the field that are done through instinct and experience and confidence. Every situation is a little bit different.

“You have to be careful on kind of overplaying him because he’ll do things that, he’ll take advantage of those situations where overplay him in one way or another.

“He’s certainly has a great grasp of coach Gailey’s system, for the amount of time that they’ve worked together,” Belichick said in a press conference.

Coach Belichick bills Ryan Fitzpatrick as a force to be reckoned with

In addition to that, Patriots’ Bill Belichick spoke about Fitzpatrick’s unpredictability in the middle. The veteran NFL coach was well accustomed to Ryan’s unorthodox play-calls.

He said, “I’m sure that he can go in and out of things that they need to do to take advantage of defensive weaknesses and opportunities and things like that.

“He’s, a tough competitor. He’s a tough guy to tackle. He’s got good quickness and can stay in a pocket, hard to bring down. He’s also an excellent game manager and passer, you know, we certainly saw plenty of that last year from him.

“We have a lot of respect for what he can do and how well he’s done it and, and can still do it. He’s a little unpredictable, so that just makes it a little more difficult to defend because of its versatility and his ability with confidence attack weaknesses that the defense presents.”

It will be interesting to see how Ryan Fitzpatrick fares in the season opener against a team like New England. With backup rookie Tua Tagovailoa lurking in the shadows, the 37-year-old will be eager to stamp his authority as the obvious first-choice starter.

In addition to that, Cam Newton will also be in the limelight. Coach Belichick will play without Tom Brady on his roster for the first time since 2000. Let’s hope that the 2015 NFL MVP will prove a worthy replacement for TB12 this season.

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